Convicted of drink-driving a golf buggy – beware, TR shooters

Alarm and despair reaches UKSN’s ears from Imperial Meeting competitors after a recent court case where a golf buggy driver was persuaded to plead guilty to driving under the influence – despite not being on a public road.

The Daily Telegraph reports that 27-year-old events manager Paul Crawford was persuaded to plead guilty to a charge of driving whilst unfit under section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872. He was breathalysed while driving a golf buggy across a private field towards his campsite, while he attended the Silverstone Grand Prix.

His solicitor, Nick “Mr Loophole” Freeman, was caught out by the Crown Prosecution Service moving the goalposts and threatening to charge Crawford with an offence under the Victorian “cow law”, which was aimed at stopping drunks from herding livestock around. This prompted Crawford to change his plea. The archaic offence only provides for fines, so Crawford will keep his licence.

Competitive TR shooters will, of course, be aware of the high jinks that take place late at night on Bisley Camp towards the end of the Imperial Meeting. There is no suggestion that anyone at the Imperial Meeting would actually get behind the wheel of a golf buggy while incapable through drink – but some folk might want to think carefully!

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