Comment: Labour are ignoring the police on gun licence costs

This morning’s Sunday Mirror carries an attack article headlined “Theresa May comes under fire for handing out cut-price gun licences while axing cops”. Interested readers can find it here, but UKSN implores you not to reward Labour’s little helpers by clicking the link.

In the article Jack Dromey, Labour’s shadow policing minister, says “each licence costs police £200 a year in admin but owners only pay around £50.” Sunday Mirror reporter Vincent Moss further informs us: “Mr Dromey said owners meeting the full cost would save £20million towards £250m needed to protect front-line officers.”

There’s one big problem for Labour here: police forces nationwide have already accepted and agreed that “gun licences” cost just £88 to issue. Labour are ignoring the official, agreed police position in favour of political soundbites based on a lie.

In November last year the Home Office issued a public consultation on raising firearm and shotgun certificate fees from their current levels. The consultation was the result of hard work behind the scenes by ACPO, acting for British police forces, the Home Office and membership-led shooting bodies. Here’s the level of fees that all parties agreed represents the full cost of issuing these licences:

New firearms fees levels. Source: The Home Office (with thanks to the Shooting Times)

New firearms fees levels. Source: The Home Office (with thanks to the Shooting Times). Click to enlarge

Labour aren’t interested in facts or the agreed rise in fees to full cost recovery levels. They will quadruple firearm certificate fees because they hate the shooting sports and want to price us out of our peaceful, law-abiding hobby.

Please share this post with your friends so the message gets out. Labour cannot be trusted with control of the licensing system.

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