Dream job! Accuracy International is hiring a ‘test shooter’

It looks like British sniper rifle maker extraordinaire Accuracy International is hiring someone to test, evaluate and demonstrate their new products.

The job advertisement, which doesn’t explicitly name AI but instead mentions a “world renowned manufacturing company of Sniper Rifles” [sic] which is based in Portsmouth, states:

You will be a key member of the team and you will carry out production and production and development testing of sniper rifles and accessories in accordance with company quality standards and agreed business plans.

Quite frankly this is a dream job for anyone interested in accurate long range shooting, sniping or sniping equipment. So yes, naturally there’s a nice large catch:

  • Proven success with standard and large calibre sniper rifles, with 10 years minimum military operational experience as a sniper or sniper instructor.

This role would suit an individual who has a wealth of hands on experience as an operational sniper, and preferably as an instructor as well, so would therefore suit a SNCO/WO from a teeth arm.

Oh well. Civilian shooters, you can stop drooling now. Ex-infantry sniper sergeants and higher, you’re all lucky gits.

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