Free NRA membership for U21s – it’s official!

UK Shooting News reader Mary Pearse commented on our interview with NRA chief exec Andrew Mercer and said, “U21s in fulltime education qualify for free membership of the NRA.” – really? I don’t see this on the NRA website link to ‘Membership rates'”.

Indeed, it’s not highlighted on the NRA website. Happily, UKSN is able to provide cast-iron confirmation that under-21s qualify for up to three years’ free membership of the NRA.

The main reference is on page 12 of the 2014 Bisley Bible, as reproduced in a screenshot below:

Bisley Bible 2014, free NRA membership for U21s

Bisley Bible 2014, free NRA membership for U21s. Click to enlarge

Just to be sure, Chris Green, an LMRA member who is also a coach of Brunel University TSC, contacted the NRA membership department directly while helping young members of Brunel apply for that membership. After some sterling work by Nick Halford from the membership department, Green received the following email which he passed to UKSN:

Email from NRA confirming free U21 membership rate

Email from NRA confirming free U21 membership rate. Click to enlarge

Subsequent emails confirmed that the “joining fee” is not applicable to U21s applying for free membership under these terms. The membership lasts until the year that the young shooter turns 21.

So there you have it. Do note that this information was current as of February, and a lot can happen in a month. The 2014 membership rates have also increased, though UKSN has no idea whether this offer will still be in the latest edition of the Bisley bible. Incidentally, the latest edition is due for release very soon…


Chris Green gets in touch to point us to some very important documents – namely, the NRA membership application form and also the sponsor form, a very important part of the U21 application. He says: “Applicants will need to fill out the attached forms [below] and the committee of each club will need to send off the HOA form to confirm that applicants are members. Please spread this around to any other Universities and youth organisations you know of.”

You will need all of the forms listed below. UKSN strongly advises you use an antivirus scanner before opening these; they were clean on upload but ultimate responsibility is left to the person downloading them.

If you have any questions, contact the NRA Membership Department in the first instance.

Click to access application-check-sheet.pdf

Click to access hoa-club-form-2015.pdf

Click to access im-2015-a4.pdf

Click to access referee-form-1.pdf

Click to access referee-form-2.pdf

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