Save the No8s: Who’s stepping up to the plate?

It looks like lots of people are interested in the idea of saving the historic .22 No8 rifles from the Ministry of Defence scrapman when they’re withdrawn from cadet service in the next year or two.

Here’s the kicker: which organisations are actually interested in it? UKSN’s last post on the No8 rescue campaign has apparently caught the eye of the HBSA and the LERA, as well as making it onto the most excellent forum.

For our part, UKSN has made a Freedom of Information request to the MoD for a copy of the relevant parts of JSP 762, which among many other things also contains the exact policy and processes on disposing of small arms and munitions from MoD service.

I also emailed the New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association, the organisation reportedly behind NZ’s successful campaign to save their No8s and No9s from the smelter, though including a link to UKSN in an unsolicited email may have tripped their spam filters.

Fingers crossed … and if any of the aforementioned organisations’ gros fromages read this, please drop me a line!

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