McKay Report: Appendix 1, Composition of the Working Party

This is a list of the people who made up the working party which drew up the McKay Report.

The McKay Report was, according to page 3 of the report itself, commissioned by Home Secretary Reginald Maudling MP in December 1970 “to carry out a review of the present arrangements for the control of all kinds of firearms, in consultation with chief officers of police.”

Maudling commissioned Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary for England and Wales to carry out the review. It will not fail to disturb British shooters reading this in 2015 to learn that HMIC are today carrying out another review of the firearms licensing system. Very little information has made it into the public domain about the current day review; we can only hope its authors are more sensible and less inclined to kneejerkery than their bile-filled forebears from the 1970s

Appendix 1, Working Party on the Control of Firearms: Composition of the Working Party

Sir John McKay CBE QPM HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England and Wales (Chairman)
Mr J Angus QPM Chief Constable of Leeds
Mr T W Chasser CVO Chief Constable of the Scottish North-Eastern Counties
Mr D H J Hilary Home Office
Commander H Hodgson Metropolitan Police
Commander E O Howells Police Research Services Branch, Home Office
Mr W Hutchison
and subsequently
Mr R D M Calder
Scottish Home and Health Department
Mr J D McCafferty Metropolitan Police Laboratory
Mr F Drayton Porter QPM Chief Constable of Mid-Anglia
Mr D R Birleson Home Office (Secretary)


Commander Howells succeeded Commander Hodgson (now Deputy Assistant Commissioner) as the Metropolitan Police representative in July 1971, on his return to that force from his secondment to the Home Office.

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