NRA swaps potholes for speed humps on Bisley range roads

The NRA’s long-awaited programme of camp refurbishments has finally reached the range roads, with the pothole-strewn surfaces behind Century Range and elsewhere on camp being resurfaced with tarmac earlier this week.

This is a welcome development for shooters who use Century and Short Siberia regularly. However, while the road has been resurfaced up to Hobson’s Way, the remainder of the road from the bend at the corner of target 108 has not been resurfaced.

As NRA chief exec Andrew Mercer told UKSN, this is because local environmentalists have convinced the local council that tarmacing the Short Siberia road would apparently threaten local worms.

Other camp roads that have been resurfaced include the approach to Melville and the road to Chelyesmore via caravan site 7.

On a related note, UKSN noted last weekend that the range floor works on Butt Zero have been completed; it now boasts gravel over its full length and width.

The full photo set of the roadworks can be seen on the NRA’s Facebook page.

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