Whither the ACPO FELWG minutes?

Since the late and unlamented private company that was the Association of Chief Police Officers passed, like a dodgy curry, into the great sewer of history, its website has also disappeared from the internet.

This, however, meant that it took all the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group (FELWG) minutes with it. These are hugely important documents; they record what firearms laws the police choose to enforce and what the police’s current interpretations are, as well as giving crucial insights into what firearms, component parts or current practices will be next on the ban list.

UKSN spotted that the ACPO website had disappeared and contacted its successor, the College of Policing, asking about the FELWG minutes. Three weeks have passed without any response at all.

UKSN contacted Hampshire Police today, whose chief constable is the chairman of FELWG. Perhaps they can find and publish the missing minutes?

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