Kent RFD suicide: Antiques dealer’s bail conditions emerge

UK Shooting News has obtained more court documents from the sad case of Raymond Mills, who committed suicide in January, revealing the firearms dealer’s bail conditions – as well as a possible indication that a police sting operation led to his arrest.

The indictment, filed to Woolwich Crown Court by the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist Crime Justice Unit, reveals that Mills was arrested on 6th January (which accords with the initial police press release) and formally charged on 7th January. His case was sent to Woolwich Crown Court for trial, from South East London Magistrates’ Court, on the 8th January.

Details are scarce from the indictment but it reveals that Mills was ordered to pay a £60,000 bail surety for each of the charges relating to his alleged illegal possession of pistols. Evidence heard by the Kent coroner revealed that he and his associates raised £20,000, which was evidently enough to secure his release on bail.

Mills’ bail conditions were that he was “not to be in possession of any materials whatsoever that are related to the gun trade”, and that he was to report to Gravesend police station between 2pm and 5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In addition, he was ordered to live and sleep at his home address in Pinnocks Avenue, Gravesend, and to surrender his passport to the police. The court’s sole reason for imposing these conditions was to “prevent offending”.

The final charge on the indictment details how Mills was said to have “sold to another, namely Gary” a primer. Section 35 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 makes it an offence to sell a primer to someone who is not a registered firearms dealer (RFD), a holder of a firearm certificate or otherwise exempt from the requirement to hold a certificate.

1 thought on “Kent RFD suicide: Antiques dealer’s bail conditions emerge

  1. Jerry Arvin

    The View, from “The Colonies”
    I am astounded that such a thing could occur, that such a law could exist in what is supposedly the “free world.” I am so sorry for those people who must live under such a paranoid, delusional, and malicious Government and prosecutorial system that could create such a law. I am so grateful for the founders of my own country who, in their time, on pain of being drawn and quartered, had the courage to step out and commit High Treason in order for themselves and their children to be free from such an onerous restrictive Government as existed at the time. I am so grateful they passed this Heritage of Freedom down the years. May we, The People, of The United States of America, never return to Tyranny.



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