Scotland prepares to hold shooting referendum

Scotland is preparing to ask its shooters to answer a question of national importance to the future of the shooting sports north of Hadrian’s Wall.

As detailed on the Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association website, the SSRA, along with its pistol, fullbore and clay target equivalents, are set to merge into one body called Scottish Target Shooting. Members of each organisation are being asked to vote on the proposal.

The Scottish Target Shooting website states: “By uniting under the umbrella of Scottish Target Shooting, these associations are able to plan the development of the sport together, ensuring resources are distributed where they are needed most. It will also ensure a clear and consistent pathway for athletes, coaches and officials can be developed, catering for all disciplines under the remit of the governing body.”

While that text was seemingly written before the 2014 Commonwealth Games, presumably the same sentiment holds true now.

The references to “athletes” and “officials” suggests this is an initiative chiefly driven by airgun and smallbore shooters from the Olympic/ISSF disciplines – which is not, in itself, a bad thing.

UK Shooting News wonders whether it’ll go the same way as the Great Britain Target Shooting Federation (GBTSF), another “let’s unite” idea which morphed into an ISSF-disciplines-only body under the name British Shooting, which is dedicated to supporting international ISSF shooters only.

British Shooting previously came to UKSN’s notice for this press release boasting how the elite few supported by BS had obtained access to (otherwise banned) live ammunition pistols for target shooting, which ended with the sniffy and dismissive sentence “Air Pistol remains an unrestricted Olympic and Paralympic discipline for men and women available to all nationally.”

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