NRA 7.62mm GGG ammo: Pictures and measurements

Robert Oxford on the excellent UK Fullbore Target Rifle group on Facebook has taken lots of pictures and measurements of the latest GGG 7.62mm 155gr ammo being issued for this year’s Imperial Meeting.

UK Shooting News recommends reading his findings, which are on his website over here.

Notable points include a cartridge base to ogive measurement extreme spread of 0.008″ and an all-up loaded round weight of 380gns, accurate to within a single grain – except for one round that was 5gns over that.

Boxes of GGG also fit into H83 ammo tins neatly, which makes a nice change from the huge RWS boxes.

Don’t forget, the official technical spec for GGG 155gr is also available on UKSN.

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