Firearms enquiry officer summonsed over pistol possession

A police firearms enquiry officer is due to appear in court to answer three charges of possessing prohibited pistols.

David Sims, a 69-yr-old FEO with Essex Police, will appear at Colchester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 21st July to answer the summons, along with one count of possessing ammunition without a certificate and one count of possessing a firearm without a certificate, according to the Essex Chronicle.

He has been suspended from duty on full pay. The charges were brought after an internal police investigation called Operation Wishbone. It appears that Sims held an FAC and SGC in his own right.

According to the Chronicle:

The same article [which revealed Operation Wishbone in February] reported how police had introduced a full revision of the licensing section, introduced a new command structure, revised the audit process and hired seven new members of staff to tackle slow turnaround times in licence renewals.

Due to the seriousness of the charges, Sims’ case will almost certainly be heard at Crown court.

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