EXCLUSIVE: The FULL 1972 McKay Report

UK Shooting News is proud to present, for the first time ever, a public copy of the 1972 McKay Report which concluded that “a reduction in the number of privately held firearms is a desirable end in itself.”

The report itself is contained in a 77MB .zip folder containing 22 .pdf files. You can download it from UKSN’s Dropbox folder by clicking this link.

Do be mindful of computer security: scan it with your antivirus before you open it, and ensure the number of files and the size of the zip folder is the same as stated above.

UKSN is aware that Appendix 8 is missing from the folder. This is either because the Home Office didn’t supply it, or that it’s got lost somewhere at UKSN Towers. If we ever find it we’ll upload it here.

If you have access to optical character recognition software and you’re willing to produce an OCR version of the report (so it’s easily searchable), please feel free to do so – and let us know so we can put a link up to it.

Please share this page as widely as you can. The McKay Report was used for about 20 years as the main policy document informing firearms licensing policy at government and senior police level. It has since fallen into disuse but its shadow stalks the licensed firearms community to this day.

UKSN would like to thank those people who helped digitise the report and prepare it for publication. Without you, this wouldn’t be here today.

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