Secret underground range, revolvers – what rubbish is this?

Left-wing magazine the New Statesman has published a story by journalist Suzanne Moore, who makes some very weird claims about meeting an ex-US cop in London who was armed with a revolver.

The first two paragraphs of the story will get anyone with any knowledge of British firearms laws shaking their heads:

He looked just as I imagined someone who loves guns would look, so it was odd meeting him in the reception of the old Guardian offices in the Farringdon Road. He was imposing, and before I could stop him, he started getting out his stuff to show me.

“I’ve brought this revolver just for you.” He had six guns on him. The security guards who never let me past reception hadn’t seemed to notice. I bundled him out into daylight. Soon we were underground in one of the city’s shooting ranges.

Revolvers have been banned in the UK since 1997, along with all other short firearms. While there are quite lawful revolvers in regular use for target shooting, they have long barrels and extended wrist braces to comply with the legal minimum length for a firearm, which is two feet.

Moore also described an underground range with an advancing target system:

The moving targets are of outlines of men coming to attack you.

UK Shooting News’ author doesn’t claim to be an expert on London ranges, but struggles to think of any civilian rifle club range in London that is both a) underground and b) has an advancing target system. Perhaps UKSN readers could let us know in the comments below if there are any?

An email has been sent to the New Statesman asking the obvious questions. We’ll post their reply, if we get one.


Moore replied to UKSN’s queries, explaining that this was a memoir column referring to an event in the mid-90s. We are happy to make that clear. It would have been nice if she mentioned that in her original article…

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