HMIC firearms licensing inspection report pushed back to September

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has confirmed that its report into firearms licensing will be published “around the 10th September” in an email to UK Shooting News.

The report, whose terms of reference can be viewed elsewhere on UKSN, was originally scheduled to be published any day now. The delay represents a two month setback. It is unknown whether problems linking the National Firearms Licensing Management System (the UK’s central gun ownership database) and the new e-commerce system for licensing transactions have contributed to the delay – although the existence of problems was mentioned by Continuity ACPO in its last publicly released set of minutes.

There is no formal link between this review of the licensing process and the Law Commission’s review of firearms laws.

UKSN understands the latter is focused chiefly on the criminal misuse of firearms but will also cover elements of firearms licensing law. However, despite reports that the commission had begun its work in March, the promised public consultation has yet to emerge.

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