Dealer shops LBR owner to police over loose balance rod

A registered firearms dealer reportedly called the police on one of his customers after discovering a loose balance rod on the man’s Taurus long barrelled pistol.

According to the Sportsman’s Association column in shooting magazine Gun Mart, the pistol had been clumsily modified from a right-handed model to a left-handed model. This, alleged Alan Westlake, author of this particular column, had been done in a clumsy and slipshod manner which would have caused the rod to fall off during normal firing.

Westlake made clear, through reference to how he modifies Taurus pistols for the UK market, that his design will not come loose or fall off. This is mainly because his rod assembly, modification from the original Taurus design necessary to meet the UK’s minimum legal length, is swaged into position.

In the one page of the Gun Mart article that UK Shooting News has seen, there is no indication of the dealer’s identity or the customer’s fate. However, it does mention that his solicitor had contacted Westlake, indicating that a prosecution appears to be on the cards.

Anyone with relevant information – including the customer’s identity and/or the court in which his case will be heard, if it progresses that far – is invited to contact UK Shooting News in confidence.

1 thought on “Dealer shops LBR owner to police over loose balance rod

  1. Steven Wolf

    That is just pedantic. I hope they name and shame the dealer and he goes out of business!
    A solution would be a quiet suggestion to get the rod in order so that it doesn’t come out and the revolver becoming section 5 prohibited.



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