South African Palma team has ammo impounded by American customs

US shooters and companies have rallied round to help the South African Palma target rifle team after overzealous American customs and BATF employees seized their ammunition.

According to US website Accurate Shooter, American Palma and F-TR shooters are helping gather reloading equipment supplied by Brownells and Redding to get the South Africans back on their feet and able to compete in the World Long Range Championships next month.

“A member of the U.S. F-TR team who lives near Camp Perry has agreed to take our shipment and those from Brownells and the other companies providing brass, powder and bullets so that, when the South African team arrives in the U.S. during the last days of July, they can get started immediately on hand-loading,” Geoff Esterline, Product Category Manager at Brownells told the American NSSF website. “The U.S. team is even building benches for the press setups, so the South African team should be able to knock this out and get to the more important task at hand, and that is shooting at Camp Perry.”

It’s good to see fellow shooters rallying round to support each other.

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