Police Scotland tries to disarm the Royal Marines

The Scottish police force, reeling from the sudden departure of former chief constable Stephen House, has now covered itself in glory by attempting to disarm Royal Marines putting on a capability display at a Scottish airshow.

According to the BBC, Police Scotland have formally objected to the marines being armed during the display. Thanks to the police objection to the armed forces carrying their weapons while demonstrating what happens during an armed landing, the local council must now make a decision on whether to allow the display.

The airshow, which is being held at Low Green near Ayr, is taking place on the waterfront.

Police Scotland has had a very unhappy relationship with firearms since its creation by the amalgamation of Scotland’s separate county-based police forces. The Scotsman reported back in March that routine arming of beat bobbies with automatic weapons was continuing, despite public demands that the practice cease – and assurances from the police that they would obey the government.

On the firearms licensing front, the force slashed FEO numbers by two thirds ahead of the much-ridiculed airgun licensing law being passed. BASC Scotland later reported that some members were waiting for up to nine months for routine FAC renewals.

While some suspect that there is an unwritten policy of disarming the Scottish public afoot from the SNP and Police Scotland, attempts to directly attack the armed forces for demonstrating their jobs is a new low from the authoritarian regime north of Hadrian’s Wall.

3 thoughts on “Police Scotland tries to disarm the Royal Marines

  1. Steven Wolf

    This is a new low for Scottish Police. I mean last time I was there I was dismayed to see so much police even in the Highlands in low density populated villages, waiting to catch speeding motorists on a road which maybe sees one car per hour. This would not happen in England.


  2. DNACowboy

    This yet another example of Scotland attempting to challenge central governments authority, they need a swift kick up the rear to show them who is really in charge.



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