NRA publishes its Law Commission review proposals

The NRA has made its response to the Law Commission’s review into firearms law publicly available via its website.

The paper, necessarily a highly technical document, will be intriguing reading for people interested in firearms law (yes, all five of us).

Amongst the NRA’s proposals are: a move towards a Northern Ireland-style system of “banding”, where firearms are classified in groups; bringing LBRs, LBPs and section 1 shotguns into the Home Office club approval scheme (meaning they could be borrowed and lent in the same way as rifles are currently); making the law on taking and using firearms abroad easier to understand; support for BASC’s 10 year certificate proposal; an end to the technical ban on expanding ammunition; and clarification on whether strict controls are really needed for spare parts.

The response also condemns the Law Commission proposal that possession of a lathe and a book on gunsmithing (“articles that could be used to convert an imitation firearm”) should be treated with suspicion by the police and form the basis of a new criminal offence.

“Our objection is based on the freedom of action provided when the standard of “reasonable suspicion” is applied in execution of police action under the resultant legislation. A great many legitimate shooters are competent with machine tools and own well-equipped home workshops,” states the NRA response.

“Possession of an imitation firearm, a few machine tools and a text on the corresponding real firearm could be enough to create “reasonable suspicion” and legitimise appalling intrusion into an honest person’s life, as discussed in our introduction. These proposals in our view create an excessive risk of misapplication that more than counters any putative gain.”

The NRA also proposes that the licensing system be rebalanced towards licensing people and not objects.

You can download and read the NRA response from their website.

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