No prizes for that foreign muck here, snarls NRA

The NRA’s latest Historic Service Rifle match has prizes for all classes – except, bizarrely, foreign rifles.

The match is due to be held on the 3rd October at Bisley, as the entry form on the NRA website makes clear.

UK Shooting News understands that moans from owners of SR(a) compliant rifles which aren’t Enfields finally forced a “foreign rifles/all comers” class to be added, rather than the existing three classes for SMLE, No.4 and No.4(T) rifles.

However, someone clearly doesn’t want the “all comers” to be able to win anything:

NRA Historic SR match prizes. Spot which class can't win anything.

NRA Historic SR match prizes. Spot which class can’t win anything.

“If they are willing to give prizes for the few individuals with No.4(T)s why the hell can they not add prizes to the foreign rifle section?” a bemused source grumbled to UKSN.

We don’t get it either. Your correspondent will be there on the day with a No.4, though as a mark of solidarity I’m very tempted to break out a Schmidt-Rubin instead.

It is worth noting that owners of service-configuration P14 rifles – the “other” British .303″ service rifle – can only shoot the match in the “foreign rifles” class.

6 thoughts on “No prizes for that foreign muck here, snarls NRA

  1. John Morgan-Hosey NRA CSR & PR Discipline Representative


    This is third in this series of Historic CSR Matches that were I believe organised by the regular CSR Cadre plus a few others to encourage those that normally shoot in the ‘Other’ CSR Classes to give their old wooden Service Rifles a day out before a regular CSR League event. Sounded like a good idea until a self appointeed committee decided to come up with some classes that would satisfy the desire to shoot a whole host of exotic ‘Johnny Foreigner’ Service Rifles with the Enfield’s that most people had. Unfortunately the ‘committee’ did not quite get it right and although well meaning and what looked like enough classes to suit everybody on the actual day the 2 or 3 non-Enfields looked out of place, unfortunate given that the actual fact the CoF had been designed to accommodate those rifles unable to hold the 10 rounds that an Enfield could. So on the second of the series the non-Enfields were accommodated in an all comers class and the other classes reviewed and revised into SMLE (Classic), No.4/5 (Veteran), No.4T (Veteran Optic) and Foreign SR (All Comers). Again there were not many Johnny Foreigner bang sticks present.

    Now being a fairly nice bunch you are more than welcome to turn up with your Schmidt-Rubin or Mauser or MAS but you’ll be in a significant minority and as a result the NRA have decided that they will not be giving out any medals as they do have a formula they use to determine how many they award in a specific class based on entries. And whilst the Entry Form states 1st & 2nd Medals in each British SR Class if there is only one No.4(T) they wont be getting a Gold and if there are only two the 2nd wont be getting a silver. These matches are always reviewed after the event and if numbers dictate the class could be changed. If it were up to me, and it isn’t, this would be a British Enfield Service Rifle Event only with just 3 Classes and a CoF designed around a 10 round mag capacity with other Foreign SRs able to shoot for honours only.

    I did recall a debate on a forum about this match before, those taking part did not seem to complain much and there was an attempt to organise an alternative that sadly fell flat on its face.


    1. Chris

      I shot this competition in the spring. The details on the website stated that “we are restricting the classes to British SR only in SR(a) and (Open)”. Fair enough, I turned up with my Enfield and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time around the foreign rifle class has been advertised to shoot it alongside so I thought I would take up the challenge with a mosin. I then sign up, pay up and look at the courses of fire to find that prizes do not apply to foreign rifles.

      I do not understand this. The NRA formula for the British service rifle classes states: “1st Prize Gold Medal; 2nd Prize Silver Medal but only if the number of competitors exceeds 8; 3rd Prize Bronze Medal if the number of competitors exceeds 20.” This deals with the issue of numbers in attendance in a class and it is unfathomable to think that this can not apply to the foreign rifle class as well as the enfield classes. The fact is that the class exists in this competition and as such should be included at the same level as the enfield classes. To not give the foreign class a prize list frankly comes across as a snub. This surprises me from the CSR group because I have only ever had positive experiences shooting alongside them, they are always impeccably organised and I hope to do a bit more in the future.

      The course of fire can be handled with a 5 (or indeed 6) shot rifle based on the timings. For me shooting it with a foreign rifle, I accept the timings and the lower capacity mag and plan to adapt, shoot and load faster. The fact is that shooters within this class are shooting against each other anyway and we will all experience the same limitations…thats what makes it interesting!

      I concur, if the organisers do not want other historic SRs there then they should name it a “British Historic Service Rifle Match”. However, are we not suppose to be a bit more inclusive and united these days instead of trying to drive wedges between us and create factions? If you are worried about low attendance of the foreign SR shooters perhaps the promise of a medal might boost numbers?

      The fact is that if you present the opportunity to people, only a few may take it up. But if you do not present it, none will come at all and that would be a real shame.


      1. John Morgan-Hosey NRA CSR & PR Discipline Representative

        Well I’ll stick my neck out on this one, but if sufficient numbers of Foreign SRs actually turn out I’ll ensure that they receive appropriate medals (probably not on the day unless the number of entries warrant it). However, don’t expect the NRA to pre-engrave medals on the off chance that sufficient numbers turn up. The NRA have often been ridiculed on wasting money, well to have medals ready to present (on the off chance that there are sufficient numbers) is wasteful and cannot be supported. There are plenty of matches available for people to shoot all manner of SRs and if you are a medal hunter first rather than a shooter the maybe this match is not for you.


  2. Chris

    Ah yes I was waiting for that accusation to come out. I am not a medal hunter at all John, if I was I probably wouldn’t enter the comp with a mosin nagant or I would probably have requested a refund. I am shooting it because it is a good course of fire. I am pointing out the disparity between the classes in this match which simply does not seem like a fair thing to do in my opinion. Surely the reason cannot be down to money saving for medal engraving? Given that the NRA will know the numbers shooting in each class beforehand (you state it in the online squadding) surely they will know in advance whether or not they need medals produced.


    1. John Morgan-Hosey NRA CSR & PR Discipline Representative

      Based on the history of this match it is predominantly Enfield’s that are used. If you want to enter with a Mosin Nagant then please do so and have some fun. This is in no way a cynical plot by anyone, if there are sufficient numbers of Foreign SRs, then, as I’ve already said I’ll make sure that medals are awarded. If a Foreign SR shooter wins overall then good luck to him there will be no ill feeling from anyone just congratulations as CSR shooter are the most unstuffy of any at Bisley.



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