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UKSN Parish Notices

UK Shooting News’ author is aware that WordPress’ email system, besides sending my name and mugshot to each UKSN subscriber, is for some reason claiming every new post on the blog is titled “Auto Draft”. This is a bug. Exactly who I have to shout at to get the bug sorted is a mystery at present, but I’m working on it.

“Ray Mills guns”. Every day for the past six months someone has come to UKSN after searching Google for that term. Who are you and can I help you at all? Please do drop me a line. (new readers may not be aware that this blog covered Mills’ arrest and later suicide in some depth. He was a Kent RFD and antiques dealer accused of possessing prohibited weapons and illegally selling primed cartridge cases, having been arrested following what appears to have been a police entrapment operation)

MJ – for some weird reason I can’t reply to your emails; all my replies bounce. Not ignoring you but something’s wrong at your end!

Why ‘vote in this online poll to beat the antis!’ is a silly thing to do

Every so often a left-wing media outlet – usually the Daily Mirror, or a local Trinity Mirror title – will publish an article saying how evil shooters/hunters/collectors/* (delete as applicable) are. Then a well-meaning person will start posting it on Facebook and forums, saying “come here and vote in this poll or the antis will win!”

I’m sorry to say it, but you’re playing directly into the antis’ hands by doing this. Here’s why.

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