Police revoke champion shot’s ticket over Neknominate video drink prank

Jed Burn, a clay pigeon shooter who has represented Scotland, had his certificate revoked after police saw a video on his Facebook page of him taking part in the Neknominate drinking prank, according to the Shooting UK website.

Shooting UK reported:

Police alleged that 24-year-old Mr Burn was standing in a wooded area dressed in underpants, Wellington boots, cap and holding a shotgun which he pointed at the sky before announcing that he was shooting pigeons. The allegation continues that he then broke open the gun, put it on the ground, picked up a litre bottle of vodka, broke the seal and drank half of it swiftly before nominating others.

Burns has maintained throughout that he was actually drinking water in the vodka bottle.

Burns’ case came to light last year. Although he won his appeal against Police Scotland because the police didn’t bother turning up at court to explain themselves, Chief Constable Stephen House initiated a judicial review to overturn the verdict.

A procedural hearing will take place on 20th November, while the actual review application will be heard on 16th December, according to the Peeblesshire News.

The Neknominate craze was popular last year. Participants would film themselves in an odd or bizarre setting downing an alcoholic drink, before using Facebook’s tagging system to nominate friends to produce their own comedy video along similar lines.

UKSN comment

What greatly concerns UK Shooting News’ author is the quote from BASC’s Christopher Graffius in the Shooting UK story:

“BASC urges everyone who shoots to behave responsibly and safely with firearms. They should also consider carefully what they put on social media. People should not be surprised that behaving irresponsibly with a firearm is likely to prompt police involvement”.

While Burns may not be a BASC member, to publicly throw him under the bus like that and endorse the startlingly over-the-top police reaction to a tongue-in-cheek video is highly distasteful. If you can’t support the man, shut up and say nothing. He is a fellow shooter, a young and successful one at that, doing what young people do and causing no harm to others in the process.

In the past BASC appears to have been the police’s go-to organisation when they want support for new attacks on the licensed firearms community. Perhaps the organisation has gone native?

4 thoughts on “Police revoke champion shot’s ticket over Neknominate video drink prank

  1. Mike Jenvey

    Big Brother is really watching you!

    I wonder if Police authorities try to data-mine shooters’ social media or Internet “presence” in order to acquire “evidence” for potential FAC removal?? Could be an interesting FoI enquiry………


  2. Rich

    I’ve got very little sympathy for him.

    A lot of us go to great lengths to project a responsible public face for the sport, and then bellends like him go and do the whole redneck “look at me, guns and alcohol, FPSRussia” routine. FFS.

    I googled his name and found an article in which he said he wanted to shoot for Britain. As a GB shooter he will have to sign an Athlete’s Agreement and subscribe to a Code of Conduct. Such shenanigans would most likely see him out on his ear for “bringing the sport into disrepute”.

    Not remotely surprised the Police showed an interest. I wouldn’t want people waving shotguns around having purportedly consumed half a bottle of vodka. Revocation was a bit strong. A word in his ear to say “Don’t be a fucking twat, you’re now on our radar as potentially unsuitable so grow up – you’re not 15 any more” might have been more appropriate.

    @Mike “I wonder if Police authorities try to data-mine shooters’ social media or Internet “presence” in order to acquire “evidence” for potential FAC removal?? Could be an interesting FoI enquiry………”

    I have no doubt they go nosing round if something is brought to their attention, but given that many forces are apparently so stretched that they don’t even seem to bother calling club secretaries on FAC renewals these days, I very much doubt they have the time to go Facebook-stalking half a million certificate holders.


  3. Steven Wolf

    I disagree with the above poster. He might have done a silly prank, but at no time did he fire the gun and he actually put the gun down while drinking the “vodka”. He himself has admitted that it was water and until the police can prove that it was really vodka that he was drinking then innocence must be presumed.

    I personally wouldn’t put such a video online, in fact I don’t do “Government Book” or “Twatter” but if others want to do and are not breaking the law I don’t see a problem.



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