NRA finances are healthy, says NRA treasurer – with proof

The National Rifle Association has released an update on its finances, showing the association is in rude health as the target shooting year draws to a close.

In his presentation to the NRA General Council on 5th September, Derek Lowe, NRA treasurer, reported that the association had £353,000 banked at the end of July immediately after the Imperial Meeting, running a surplus of £184,000.

Graphs made available by the NRA on their website show the association did, in fact, narrowly miss its £400,000 cash surplus target for July 2015.

nra cash balance

Otherwise the graphs show that the NRA is financially healthy, being on track with its budgeted net surplus up to the end of July.

nra surplus deficitThis is a significant change from the position in 2012, where in December that year the NRA’s net liabilities were just over a quarter of a million pounds. While the NRA’s net assets have shrunk considerably compared to last year, the graphs still show them adding up to about £150,000.

nra assets liabilities

The three years shown in Figure 3 above reveal that last year the NRA had significantly more valuable assets than this year, though the statement from the association did not go into any detail.

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