Where’s FELWG gone? Top cops’ gun licensing group ‘disappears’

The Association of Chief Police Officers National Police Chiefs’ Council
has removed the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group from its website, suggesting the group may no longer be in existence.

Looking through the website of the NPCC, more commonly known as Continuity ACPO, its “our work” page lists a number of “business areas”. UK Shooting News has looked but cannot see firearms licensing or FELWG itself mentioned anywhere within those business areas.

While Chief Constable Andy Marsh, the head of FELWG and the UK’s top firearms licensing cop, is still listed, it’s under the “international” business area with no mention of firearms licensing at all.

FELWG is the forum in which police employees decide what firearms laws to enforce and how to enforce them, including deciding amongst themselves how to interpret Britain’s 100 firearms laws. Regular UK Shooting News readers will recall that when ACPO rebranded itself as the NPCC, the FELWG minutes disappeared – until David Bonwick of the Shooting SHED collected them from the shooting community and hosted them on his website.

If you know what’s happened to FELWG, do let everyone know in the comments below. UKSN will try the NPCC press office for comment, although on previous occasions that has been a hiding to nothing.

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