FELWG is not dead after all, confirms NPCC

The police’s national Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group still exists despite having been removed from the top cops’ website, a spokesman has confirmed to UK Shooting News.

Yesterday UKSN publicly wondered whether the group, which takes it upon itself to decide what firearms licensing laws should mean in practice, had been quietly shut down after all mentions of it were removed from the National Police Chiefs’ Council website.

A press officer has since replied to UKSN’s questions confirming that FELWG is still operational.

“Yes, it still exists and is currently chaired by CC Andy Marsh,” the spokesman told us, adding that the group had met recently but the minutes “were not ready yet”.

FELWG functions as a quasi-legislative body, deciding what should and should not be legal to own or use in the UK, or in what manner they are interpreted. It is not responsible to any elected MP or minister. The group is made up of representatives from the Home Office and the police – but no experts from the licensed firearms stakeholder community.

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