Century Range Butt 19, Bisley. Pic: Darryl Stark, Flickr

Electronic targets will be at Bisley ‘by December’ says NRA chief exec

Mere hours after UKSN publicly wondered what had happened to the NRA’s electronic targets project, the association confirmed that trials have taken place and the system will go live on 1st December.

“The new electronic targets on Century are being commissioned and the fall of the first rounds have been recorded,” wrote chief executive Andrew Mercer in the NRA’s latest monthly update. “This has taken rather longer than I would have hoped, but the installation will be completed before the end of this year.”

In addition, Mercer confirmed to UK Shooting News that six new electronic targets have been installed and are “tested and working fine” with live shooting testing having been “completed last week.”

The NRA is “working on securing the equipment, training staff, and some remedial cabling works,” he added, as well as sourcing “new target frames on Butt 19 to allow easy mount and dismount so there’s no conflict with CSR.”

UKSN had wondered whether the delay in launching the electronic targets was due to the new electronic target arrays conflicting with the need to be able to re-rig Butt 19, on the far right-hand side of Century range, for Civilian Service Rifle practices using handheld targets.

Mercer said that the NRA will probably offer the new electronic targets at 100 yards on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 200 yards on Thursdays and Fridays, and 300 yards on weekends – “although we will modify according to demand”.

“Targets will be available for hire from 1st December 2015,” he added. UKSN looks forward to trying them out.

Pic: cropped from original by Darryl Stark, Flickr. Century Range Butt 19 at Bisley. Used under CC-BY-SA 2.0 licence.

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