Where UKSN leads, Sporting Rifle magazine follows a fortnight later

Your correspondent was amused to see an article from Sporting Rifle magazine about the EU Firearms Directive doing the rounds on Facebook yesterday. Why? Because it read remarkably similarly to a post by me on the very same topic from almost 3 weeks ago.

Under the headline “Gun laws set to restrict shooting“, Sporting Rifle contributor “katep” wrote:

The European Commission is set to rewrite its Firearms Directive, opening the door to tighter restrictions on shooters in the UK. The move comes on top of the Law Commission’s review of the UK’s firearms laws, already some of the most restrictive in the world, with the police lobbying hard for sweeping new powers including access to shooters’ medical records.

Compare and contrast this with my post of 12th October about the EU Firearms Directive being rewritten:

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is warning that the European Union has formally opened the process of rewriting its Firearms Directive, paving the way for fresh clampdowns on the licensed firearms community.

And it continues. Paragraphs 3 and 4 of the SR article quotes BASC barrister Peter Glenser; I also quoted him from the BASC press release but used one paragraph rather than two.

Paragraph 5 from SR reads as so:

The move to rewrite European firearms law was announced by the EU Council in a press release citing terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen. It calls for the EU Commission to strengthen firearms legislation, particularly in the area of Europewide cooperation and information sharing in the fight against illegal trafficking of firearms.

Meanwhile, my fourth par (analogous to SR’s 5th, bearing in mind I used a shorter quote from Glenser), reads:

The move was announced in an EU Council press release issued at 5pm last Thursday. Justifications for the rewrite mentioned in the statement included “increasing cooperation and information exchange in the fight against illicit trafficking of firearms and addressing as a matter of priority the critical issue of deactivation of firearms.”

Sporting Rifle’s final par mentions … you guessed it, deactivated firearms.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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