Breaking – EU publishes semi-auto firearm ban proposal

Unelected bureaucrats at the European Union have published their proposals for new gun bans and restrictions in light of the Paris murders. As expected, the proposal amounts to a constructive ban on virtually all semi-auto rifles and will have little or no effect on terrorists and other criminals.

The proposal, which mostly consists of restrictions on gun licensing, is now available on the EU website. The detailed wording is available from the link titled ‘directive’ under the heading ‘for more information’.

The EU wants to ban all semi-auto rifles that look like military firearms. This, UKSN understands, would amount to a constructive ban on the vast majority of semi-auto rifles on the continent of Europe as well as affecting Britain’s .22 semi-auto market.

The proposed directive was put together by Internal Market and Industry Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska (Poland) and Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos (Greece).

Collectors of firearms are explicitly highlighted by the EU as a “possible source of traffic of firearms” (sic).

The proposal is an amendment to the existing firearms diktat (Directive 91/477/EEC) and now needs to be approved by the European Parliament (the elected body which can only approve or reject new EU Commission diktats) and Council (made up of heads of governments, not directly elected).

Key wording of the ban, at clause 13(a)(i):

“Semi-automatic firearms for civilian use which resemble weapons with automatic mechanisms”

This is surprisingly clear language from the EU. It is a straight attempt to ban firearms because of their form, not function. As worded, the ban would also cover semi-auto pistols, particularly the long barrel versions popular in the UK.

EU member states will be required to tell the EU Commission how they have implemented the ban once it is rubber-stamped by the EU “parliament”.

Mandatory medical testing

The EU wants every single firearm and shotgun owner in the bloc subjected to mandatory medical testing in order to own and use firearms. Wording, from page 16 under ‘Article 6’:

Member States shall provide for standard medical tests for issuing or renewing authorisations as referred to in paragraph 1 and shall withdraw authorisations if any of the conditions on the basis of which it was granted is no longer met.

This would have had no effect whatsoever upon the Paris murderers, who used illegally acquired full auto AK-pattern firearms.

Banning converted full-auto firearms

Fully automatic firearms which have been converted into legal semi-auto firearms will be made illegal. This is already the case in the UK but a small industry has built up around reducing full- or semi-auto rifles to spare parts and reassembling them as “new” (in the legal sense) straight pull rifles. It is unclear whether the directive would outlaw this business activity.

Converted full auto firearms are already illegal in Britain.

Building an EU-wide database of every individual gun owner

EUrocrats want to create a bloc-wide gun registry, of the type that was recently abandoned in Canada after costing taxpayers C$1 billion. Key wording, at page 17 under text proposed to be added to Article 13 of the existing EU Firearms Directive:

The competent authorities of the Member States shall exchange information on the authorisations granted for the transfers of firearms to another Member State as well as information with regard to refusals to grant authorisations as defined in Article 7.

The Commission shall be empowered to adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 13a concerning the modalities of exchange of information on authorisations granted and on refusals.

This would create the EU-wide gun and gun owner database. It represents a huge threat to personal privacy and liberty and presents a massive target to hackers.

Britain already has a gun ownership registry, the National Firearms Licensing Management System (NFLMS). The system is known not to be 100% accurate, as acknowledged by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. Negotiations are under way to procure a new system.

Making alarm guns and flare pistols licensable

As well as licensing real firearms, the EU wants to make gun-like objects licensable. Key wording, from page 16 of the proposal, under text to be added to Article 10a:

Member States shall take measures to ensure that alarm and signal weapons as well as salute and acoustic weapons cannot be converted into firearms.
The Commission shall adopt technical specifications for alarm and signal weapons as well as for salute and acoustic weapons to ensure they cannot be converted into firearms.
Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 13b(2).

This would cover things like blank-firing starting pistols and other blank firers that are not firearms, in UKSN’s opinion.

Deactivation standards to be ‘harmonised’

Judging by how much of this document reflects domestic policy discussion in Britain, it seems likely that the EU wants to bring standards for deactivated firearms in line with Britain. This means completely destroying and/or removing the internal parts, replacing bolt carriers with dummy parts made from sheet metal, and welding actions solid so deactivated firearms cannot even be cocked.

In Britain the justification has been that EU-spec deactivated firearms from Eastern Europe are, allegedly, easy to reactivate.

Key wording, from page 17, to be added to Article 10b:

Member States shall make arrangements for the deactivation of firearms to be verified by a competent authority in order to ensure that the modifications made to a firearm render it irreversibly inoperable. Member States shall, in the context of this verification, provide for the issuance of a certificate or record attesting to the deactivation of the firearm or the apposition of a clearly visible mark to that effect on the firearm.
The Commission shall adopt deactivation standards and techniques to ensure that deactivated firearms are rendered irreversibly inoperable. Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 13b(2).

This, if applied retrospectively, would outlaw a very large number of deactivated firearms currently hung over fireplaces and used in battle reenactment scenarios.

‘Good reason’ for gun ownership – i.e. a ban on ‘shall-issue’ licensing

Gun owners in the EU must, under these proposals, provide a ‘good cause’ for owning firearms. This is analogous to the UK’s ‘section 1’ firearms licensing system, where a ‘good reason’ must be presented for each and every firearm owned.

From page 15, under text to be added to Article 5:

Without prejudice to Article 3, Member States shall authorise the acquisition and possession of firearms only by persons who have good cause and who:

(a) are at least 18 years of age, except in relation to the possession of firearms for hunting and target shooting, provided that in that case persons of less than 18 years of age have parental permission, or are under parental guidance or the guidance of an adult with a valid firearms or hunting licence, or are within a licenced or otherwise approved training centre;

(b) are not likely to be a danger to themselves, to public order or to public safety; having been convicted of a violent intentional crime shall be considered as indicative of such danger.

This would outlaw the UK’s ‘section 2’ system of shotgun licensing, where any number of shotguns may be acquired subject to enough police-approved secure storage being available.

Outlawing private internet sales

All internet sales except those from licensed dealers or brokers will be made illegal. This is aimed at outlawing private individuals from advertising their guns for sale.

The wording is at page 16, under text to be added to Article 6:

The acquisition of firearms and their parts and ammunition concerning categories A, B and C by means of distance communication, as defined in Article 2 of Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council(*), shall be authorised only with respect to dealers and brokers and shall be subject to the strict control of the Member States.

This would have a severe effect upon websites such as Gunstar and Gunbroker in the UK, which function as a shop window. No money passes through the sites: they are merely for advertising.


21 thoughts on “Breaking – EU publishes semi-auto firearm ban proposal

  1. Rich

    wrt “Good reason”, the “good cause” bit is ALREADY present in the current directive. That hasn’t changed, and apparently Section 2 is compatible, since it wasn’t changed back in 1991 when the Directive came into force (along with “shall issue” which is the current arrangement in the Czech Republic).

    What has changed is the actual wording of parts (a) and (b).


    1. Gaz Corfield Post author

      This wouldn’t be the first EU directive that member states have thumbed their noses at in favour of domestic legislation. I want to agree with you and say section 2 must be compliant given the existence of the previous wording, but EU firearms controls have been effectively in the long grass since the original 1990s diktat. In this environment, particularly given the detailed focus on de-acs, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if part of these proposals is an end to shall-issue regimes.

      Better we highlight these problems and have them killed at source than keep quiet assuming all is OK until it’s too late.


  2. Steven Wolf

    Have no worries, due to the Syrian refugee crisis/Paris Terrorism Schengen is dead, and even traditionally pro-EU eastern european states are seriously thinking to ditch the EU project Ie Poland, Slovakia, in a few months I think EU leaders will have much bigger worries than dealing with law abiding guns, but of course we must write to our mEPs on this issue and be forever vigilant.


  3. garry owen

    disgusting down the eu down isis down nato to war to war im done with political correctness and a government i didnt vote for taking my right to defend myselve and my loved ones away.
    they are getting themselves into to some rebellions with this one.
    o yea btw eu: from my cold dead hands


  4. Bo

    They want me to walk the streets unarmed now, when it’s more important than ever to protect myself? FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS will they take my gun. Am i just supposed to wait and watch terrorists attack in my country and i will have no means to protect my family? What am i supposed to take my pe… out of my pants to scare them away? We can not let this happen, this is a joke!!!


  5. Nick

    The sooner the uk leaves this inept bunch of twats the better we have the tightest laws in the world and hand guns are still used in crime banning not worth a crap.


  6. John

    I feel so bad for you guys over there (USA here). I hope that this falls through and you do not allow this to happen! They are trying more then ever to take away the peoples firearms, it is starting to infect some parts of the US now but thankfully we pushed back hard after the libtards try to ban our assault weapons after Sandy Hook shooting… everyone here in the states are waking up to what the elites are trying to do world wide and their first priority it to totally disarm the people or else their plans will fail. Don’t allow this to stand! Best regards & luck from your American firearm friends!


    1. John

      P.S. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we Americans broke a new historic gun sales record. On Black Friday Americans purchased about 185,000 guns and on Cyber Monday we purchased about 200,000 in just one day. The FBI reported that from Friday to the end of Monday day, Americans purchased about 760,000 more guns!…. all because our moron in chief (obama) is using the new muslim terror attacks to call for new gun control. It back fired in his face and made people rush to the gun stores as protest and send a huge message. You should attempt to organize all your pro-gun groups to have a mass gun buying day, it may help to send a message how many of you there are across the EU. Just a thought.


  7. Tanya

    **INCORRECT INFORMATION supplied in this article**

    Dear author,
    please do your homework before writing… Quote: “needs to be approved by the European Parliament (the elected body which can only approve or reject new EU Commission diktats) and Council (made up of heads of governments, not directly elected).”

    The European Parliament (EP) is a legislative body. The proposal to amend the Firearms Directive is drafted by the Commission, but the EP does NOT merely reject or approve (this goes for almost any EU law). The Parliament is free to rework the text and make amendments, which have to be agreed on by all Members of Parliament and the Council of Ministers.
    You mistakenly referred to the European Council, which consists of heads of state and government of the EU member states (which are directly elected by their citizens…). However, it is the Council of MINISTERS that works on legislative proposals.
    The Council of Ministers, in turn, consists of ministers from each EU member states. Seeing as these ministers are part of a national government, which is elected by the citizens, it is incorrect to state that they are not directly elected (however, if you consider your government not to be directly elected by you, the voter, this is a problem you should address on the national level, this has nothing to do with the EU).
    Hence, the European Parliament has the power to make changes to the current draft. You should voice your concerns with the respective Member of Parliament from your constituency or country (or others if you wish) if you want to make a change. All committee sessions of the European Parliament are broadcast online, hence you can live watch the work the members of parliament are doing on this proposal.
    Seeing as you couldn’t even get the basic facts right about the way EU laws are made, the credibility concerning other information supplied in your article is questionable as well.


    1. Bo

      I’m not sure what the point of your comment was and i do apologize if i’ve missed it, but i’m guessing you kind of missed what all this is about. I can see you’re well educated, but it makes me wonder, do you agree that a ban of legal guns can affect terorrism on european streets? For me, in Slovakia, the process of getting a license to carry is pretty difficult to pass. Medical test, psycho test, knowledge of firearms test and a letter to prove you actually do have a reason to own or carry a weapon (transfer of money, living in the woods etc…)
      I’m just saying you completely missed the point


    2. Dan

      Tanya I intrigued why can’t you comment on the subject matter? The structure of the EU is beyond the average person’s comprehension because it was been made of so many layers and committees even finding your own MEP is an effort. It clearly isn’t fit for purpose if thebest ploy for battling terrorism is banning the ownership of guns. Are these terrorists going to give a fig about laws in the EU? They didn’t seem to worry about the French laws concerning murder, did they.

      The issue here is that millions of gun owners who are responsible, have followed the laws to the letter, and use their guns legimately are now being labelled as a supply chain to terrorism.

      I take it you are also considering a ban on all Toyota Hiluxes in Europe? ISIS seem to get hold of them readily enough.


    3. Robert Ross

      The structures of the European Parliament and Commission are not the issue. What is the issue Is a proposed law based on the, “we must be seen to be doing something even if it is totally ineffective”, syndrome, so beloved of politicians and bureaucrats. Imposing further restrictions on legitimate gun owners will NOT do anything to stop future terrorist attacks. The weapons that are the choice of these murderers are fully automatic ones and not legal as private ownership within the EU.


  8. Alex

    How will this affect current owners of semi auto ‘military looking’ rifles? Will they be removed from our possession? Thanks.


  9. Chris

    Once they get their way and push this ban through, where will it stop. If the people of the UK are stupid enough to vote in at the referendum then all hobbies sports and forms of enjoyment will either be banned or severely restricted, wake up its happening before your very eyes.


  10. A. Wake

    Government has yet to learn to keep it’s nose out of the business of it’s subjects.

    Funny how if a pet dog misbehaves we just have to raise our voice or perhaps our hand.

    Why is it that we continue to allow the state to undermine our identity, our freedom and our existance.

    Anybody who thinks that the state is run by bumbling well meaning idiots is a fool.
    Everything has agenda and we are not part of the upside of said agenda.

    The Hegelian Dialectic. And Saul D. Alinsky’s rules for radicals. Research them and you will understand how government ticks.


  11. Gary E Nelson

    I always recognized the saying in the USA “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” as being logical Guns don’t kill people,people with guns kill people. When one analyzes the number of homicides in Sweden, let alone Scandinavia, lawful firearms ownership is NOT a problem. I competed in pistol competitions in the USA for over 20 years. I started competing again in pistol competition here in Sweden 3.5 years ago. I was amazed at the degree of safety required, range maintenance. Here one even has to shoot quite well to “check a box” on the path to a pistol license. The system is not broken here, why try and fix it with bad laws? Those who want to restrict lawful pistols are helpless and ignorant of the terrorists method of acquiring weapons,and that is where their focus should be. Punishing the innocent and then holding the idea you did something good for society is demented.

    Simon, the link to sign the petition is here:



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