Petition against #EUgunban gains thousands of signatures overnight

A petition set up in the aftermath of the EU’s gun ban proposals becoming public has gained more than 16,000 signatures from affected EU shooters within hours.

Titled ‘You cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun ownership’, the petition text reads:

The victims of this tragedy have not been buried yet, the criminals are still on the loose and the police has not even finished the investigation and yet the EU is announcing measures to prevent something like that from happening again.

Unfortunately nothing in the draft would have prevented these 2 attacks since neither were done with weapons that are now legal and would be banned with this new law. Nothing.

Written by one Stijn Vandamme, who gives his location as Belgium, the petition continues:

We the Citizens demand that the EU brings focus on the real problems:

  • That the external borders of the EU are not protected.
  • Our population has groups in it that refuse to allign with our democratic core values and our culture.
  • Illegal arms trade is rampant within the EU.
  • Criminals and terrorists have easier access to illegal weapons then legal gun owners have access to legal arms.

That is the current situation and this new legislation does NOTHING to address those problems.
The 18 November IP-15-6110 draft to amend 91/477/EEC is not only populistic in nature, it is also an insult to our civil liberties and to the intelligence of the EU citizens as a whole.

UK Shooting News’ author is entirely unconvinced that petitions have any impact on legislators. However, in the absence of any other way for ordinary citizens to actually communicate with the unelected commissars who rule the EU, it certainly can’t hurt to sign it and share it around your shooting colleagues.

You can sign the petition here on

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