Labour and Lib Dem MEPs will vote FOR the #EUgunban

Evidence is emerging that British Labour Party MEPs and the sole remaining Liberal Democrat MEP plan to vote in favour of the EU gun ban, harming their voters’ interests and putting small businesses into jeopardy.

An email sent to Dr Chris Green by London Labour MEP Anneliese Dodds said: “As European citizens, we must do all we can to assuage people’s fears and unease during this time. Banning weapons that resemble the appearance of category A weapons to the naked and untrained eye will help to do this.”

Dodds also revealed that the unelected EU commissars responsible for the gun ban plan, Elzbieta Bienkowska, and Dimitris Avramopoulos, both claim to have military experience; Bienkowska in Poland’s reserve forces, and Avramopoulos as a one-time Greek minister of defence.

Dodds also said: “There is a feeling of distinct unease across the globe. This is especially true within Paris, and could be seen at La Place de la Republique, when mourners were gathering to pay their respects three days after the terror attacks. Here, the sounds of firecrackers were mistaken for the sound of gunfire, and flowers and candles were crushed as people ran in fear of another attack. Thankfully this was a false alarm.”

Dr Green responded: “The EU is looking to ban semi-automatics. This will limit freedoms to use a currently licensed and live firearm, even when the preference of criminals is for black market Kalashnikovs… Perhaps a ban on firecrackers, which are much easier to access, would be more beneficial here to assuage people’s fears?”

Meanwhile, the sole remaining Lib Dem MEP, Catherine Bearder, told a constituent: “These proposals have already been approved and heavily scrutinised by MEPs, it is just the implementation that the Commission is now trying to fast track. I hope that this has allayed some of your fears about over-regulation and knee-jerk reactions.”

Bearder does not appear to realise that a vote on whether to adopt or reject the EU gun ban plan is due on Monday 7th December, so the proposals have not been approved. Her complacency and willingness to ignore the voters who returned her to power is dangerous.

Unfortunately the chairman of the EU’s civil liberties committee is also a Labour MEP, Claude Moraes. Putting a Labour MEP in charge of civil liberties is like putting Dracula in charge of a blood donation service: ordinary voters can expect that the EU’s civil liberties committee will ignore or even endorse this proposal to make their freedom to shoot peacefully illegal.

There is no means of removing individual MEPs from office or even voting them out, as seats in the EU “parliament” are allocated to political parties and not individual candidates. British ‘representatives’ are free to ignore their so-called constituents and even actively harm their interests with total impunity.

6 thoughts on “Labour and Lib Dem MEPs will vote FOR the #EUgunban

  1. andrea L

    These are the same sick twisted perverted tyrants as the ones before them. They actually believe in their own tiny little minds that banning absolutely everything year after year decade after decade will achieve a completely different result everytime they ever do it.

    Its ashame it isnt up to me. If it was. I would abolish the proposed ban and section all the committee involved in these proposals under the mental health act.

    The reason for the proposed ban is the same reason as every other time they have failed before. Because they are no longer competent on any level of intelligent or beyond utterly stupid to deal with all the problems and the destruction throughout the world they have created.


  2. Jo

    They failed to protect their citizens and now want to pass the blame on to law abiding people terrorist do not get gun licences. Let’s hope we can all vote to leave the EU as soon as possible run by unelected idiots.


  3. Gregory Box

    I mistakenly thought our grandparents resisted tyranny during WW2 to protect democratic values from a totalitarian regime residing in the depths of the European mainland?
    There’s easily 25 million gun owners in Europe which gives us the legitimacy to defend our rights and our sport.




    The cry of a people demanding to be FREE!

    The ability of citizens to form a capable militia on short notice; being necessary for the security of, and to secure their freedoms in, a free state; the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear effective arms, to enable this ability, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.



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