NRA launches electronic targets on Century

Electronic targets have been installed on Century Range at Bisley Camp and are available for hire.

According to the NRA website:

We are pleased to announce that six new electronic targets are now available for booking for a trial period from 1st to 20th December 2015. An early Christmas present for Bisley.

They will be available at 100 yards (Tuesday & Wednesday); 200 yards (Thursday & Friday), 300 yards (Saturday & Sunday) and offer 16 target options.

Price for the trial period a bargain £30.00 per half day so bring plenty of ammunition!

Gazebos will provide cover on the firing points; range staff will be on hand to provide technical support.

Up to .308 calibre; no black powder; maximum of one firer at a time per target Available via online bookings or by contacting the Range Office on 01483 797 777 x 152.

UK Shooting News saw the targets in use last weekend across Century. Notably, there were only two other targets rigged on Saturday afternoon across all 108 lanes.

According to the PDFs downloadable via the NRA website link above, available target faces include the various NRA and ISSF 100yds-300yds faces – and red deer, wild boar, fox and chamois, complete with scoring areas!

With luck UKSN will be able to review the electronics before the end of the year.

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