‘How do I get a licence?’ Met Police gun surrender campaign falls flat

The Metropolitan Police’s much-publicised gun surrender campaign is ending in farce as members of the public ask how to get a gun licence while the police employee running the campaign casually damns the entire licensed firearms community.

The surrender, announced as an initiative to seize lawfully owned BB guns and deactivated firearms, has so far netted just 47 items according to Detective Superintendent Steve Clayman of the Trident Gang Crime Command, who held a Twitter Q&A session today about the surrender.

Some of the seized items included Second World War-era revolvers as well as a Browning pistol, according to further tweets sent by Det Supt Clayman.

It also included an AK-47, which the Met’s finest only admitted was deactivated after repeated questions from members of the public, and an SA80 – which police later claimed was a paintball marker and yet appears to be a BB gun, judging by the photo in this police press release.

Members of the public were inspired by the police campaign to ask how to apply for a firearm certificate:


Other Twitter users also openly questioned whether Britain’s notoriously strict gun bans actually work in practice.

That last statement made by Det Supt Clayman is questionable. Homicides with firearms actually peaked in 2002 from a low point in 1996. Since then all recorded crimes have declined, though the government has since cast severe doubt on police-gathered statistics.


Meanwhile, Det Supt Clayman cheerfully condemned all law-abiding members of the licensed firearms community with an off-the-cuff remark.

So long as senior police employees are permitted to make public statements that ignore the entire firearms licensing system and shooting sports, damning any and all firearms in the public’s eyes, they will continue to experience difficulty in interacting with the community and appearing credible in their dealings.

UK Shooting News understands there is a method to complain about police employees making sweeping, false statements like this – and further understands that the Met runs details of complainants against its internal intelligence systems in the hope of finding information (or even malicious allegations) with which to discredit and threaten those who speak out. Such tactics were successfully deployed against the extended family of Stephen Lawrence.


Is the Met deliberately obscuring maker’s markings on seized airguns and children’s BB toys, as displayed in official police trophy photos, to stop the public from seeing that they’re actually marked as being BB guns or inert replicas?

See these two tweets by police employees and make up your own mind. The second picture is unquestionably an old air pistol. To view the pictures click on the date in each quoted tweet below; doing so will take you to the main Twitter website where you can view the picture. For some reason WordPress is not displaying these embedded tweets correctly.


5 thoughts on “‘How do I get a licence?’ Met Police gun surrender campaign falls flat

    1. amy

      Technically shes right, all guns ARE banned. Licenced shooters are permitted to own guns under an exemption sec.1 sec.2 etc The devil is in the detail


  1. Colin

    Has anyone asked the police why they deliberately obscure the makers markings on the pictures as its so obviously done, it must be for a reason.


  2. amy

    When the police break the law by taking too long to renew a gun licence, why are they not punished? They cash the cheque quick enough but fail to follow through with the rest in reasonable time



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