Video: Full proceedings of the #EUgunban discussion

UK Shooting News reader A.J.P. has found the link to the full video of the EU Parliament’s initial discussions about the EU gun ban plan – and reader Colin Jenkins has also debunked the EU Commission’s misleading abuse of statistics.

The EU Parliament video can be watched on the EU website at this link. Flash is required to view the video player.

It is about 2½ hours long but the firearms part only lasts for just over an hour. UKSN managed to catch parts of the discussion and write them up here.

Campaign group Firearms United, custodian of the EU-wide petition against the gun ban, said of yesterday’s discussions: “They did not connect terrorism with legal gun ownership. They asked why EC did not made rules for deactivated guns as demanded by the Parliament in 2008, but waited until 2015. They asked for the intention of the proposal. They asked what will happen with legally acquired guns which EC wants to ban. They asked for statistical data of misuse with legal guns. They asked for liberty and freedom.”

At the very end of the video a French EU Commission employee, apparently named Pierre Delsaux, said words to the effect of “10,000 people have been killed by legal weapons in the EU.”

“He really thinks that 3 rounds mean 31 bullets (at 2:27:38 in the video above),” said Firearms United. “And he doesn’t know anything about gun crime. He really thinks every year 1000 people are murdered with legal guns. We know from national criminal statistics and studies that between 3% and 22% [of guns used in homicides were legally owned], mostly by the (ex-) partner. You cannot stop partner killing by banning guns.”

Colin Jenkins did some digging and found the source for Delsaux’s claim. In his own words, from the UK Shooting News comments section (with our bolding):

I took umbridge to his “10,000 deaths from legal firearms” comment as this statistic is not one I’ve heard before, so I did some research and found this report from a Brussels based peace institute in Nune 2015 – in it it Mentions 10,000 homicides by guns, BUT, over a 10 year period! – it also states gun deaths are dramtaically decreasing and they currently sit at about 6,700 per year in the EU, BUT 75% of these (over 5,000) are suicides and the weapon of choice for murder by gun is a handgun NOT a semi-auto rifle!

So, that’s 10,000 over 10 years and most deaths are suicides not legal gun owners rampaging with the “assault Rifles’

I can’t be sure its the report he referred to, but it’s quite a coincidence if its not:

This is further evidence that the EU is, ironically, ignoring all evidence in its drive to use the Paris mass murders as an excuse to ban semi-auto firearms from peaceful civilian ownership and use. As the EU Commission itself admitted after publishing the gun ban plan, it won’t help stop terrorists.

The EU parliament’s next discussions on the ban plan will be in 2016. No date has yet been set.

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