Bisley update: More new roads, extra 100yds range capacity

In the NRA’s latest monthly news bulletin, head of range services Rick Wells says Short Siberia’s 100yds firing point will be extended – and the embarrassingly potholed access road to that range will be relaid.

Writing in the bulletin (available on the NRA website here), Wells said: “We  are  currently  engaging  with  a  company  that  specialises  in  road reclamation  and  surface  stabilization  to  extend  the  improvement through Hobson’s Way to  Short Siberia.”

Of the planned improvements to Short Siberia itself, Wells added: “The 200yd firing point on Short Siberia has been refurbished and continues to be very popular with members.  In the future the 100m firing point will be improved and expanded to cover all 27 targets. The aim of this project is to provide more shooting capacity at shorter ranges.”

“Firing points 1 – 10 will be covered at 100[yds],” he continued, adding: “Rest assured that shooting from 200yds will continue but on a scheduled basis.”

Regular Bisley shooters will have seen the recent improvements to Short Siberia, which seems to include new turf being laid on the range floor, as well as the gravel on the 200yds firing point being replaced with wood bark, new fencing and access steps to the side and rear of the firing point mound.

Extra capacity at short range (sub-300yds) for fullbore rifles at Bisley has long been a bugbear for the NRA, particularly as numbers of range users wanting short range fullbore shoots increase. While the right hand side of Century had new firing points laid at 100yds and 200yds a couple of years ago and has since been wired for electronic targets, very little use is made of this potential extra capacity on weekends when range use is at its peak.

Almost all weekend bookings on the right hand side of Century are at 300yds – and with the new electronic targets being installed on Butt 19 only, the possibility of shifting range users across to accommodate 100yds and 200yds firing on Century’s 108 targets becomes remote.

Range safety rules quite rightly require generous safety distances to minimise the risk of firers at different distances straying into each other’s arcs of fire. However, with so few 500yds and 600yds bookings on weekends, particularly at this time of year, surely there must be ample space to shift everyone across?

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