Another day, another petition. ‘Define weapon in law’

Yet another petition has been started, this time to get the government to give a clear definition of the term ‘weapon’ in law.

UK Shooting News’ author is of the view that petitions are not an effective campaigning tool and are often completely ignored by politicians, but happens to agree completely with this one.

Its author, chairman of a target shooting club, writes on the petition page:

Through all current Firearms legislation there is use of the word “weapon”. If a weapon is any item used for the purpose of visiting injury upon another then, surely, to employ an “Air Weapon” as a weapon would contravene current legislation. Some may argue that guns were designed specifically to be weapons. This is true but so were the javelin, the discus and the shot. Sports departments, in schools, don’t store these in a “Weapons Store” though. Our shooting club uses firearms not weapons.

Given the lack of interest from most target shooters about how language can be used to subtly demonise them, as the Scottish National Socialists recently managed with their Air Weapons Bill, UKSN doesn’t think this will get many more than the 25 signatures it has at the time of writing.

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