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British politician handed control of #EUgunban lawmaking process

Britain, the EU country pushing hardest to support the EU plan to ban all semi-automatic firearms, has got a British politician appointed as rapporteur for the firearms review.

Vicky Ford MEP, chairman of the EU’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, has been appointed as rapporteur for the amendments to EU Council Directive 91/477/EEC – otherwise known as the Firearms Directive. This is the EU diktat which sets out what EU member states are permitted to do in terms of firearms laws.

Rapporteurs, according to the EU website, are placed in charge of reports on upcoming EU diktats. “The rapporteur’s key task is to analyse the project,” says the EU webpage, “consult with specialists in the particular field and with those who could be affected, discuss with other members within the committee and recommend the political “line” to be followed. All of these considerations flow into the report they submit to the Committee.”

The “political line to follow” part of Ford’s report is going to be absolutely critical, and it may be that this is the point at which the free countries of Europe lost the fight. The EU itself wants to ban semi-automatic firearms that resemble military firearms – though it has given no detail at all on how law enforcement will distinguish between “military” and “modern in appearance” firearms.

Ford’s political boss, Prime Minister David Cameron, recently announced that he wants to enforce a total semi-automatic firearm ban. Many commentators, foremost amongst them UK Shooting News, have seen that the EU gun ban plan bears a remarkable similarity to Britain’s chaotic and overly restrictive laws.

The other EU parliament committee which will scrutinise the gun ban plan, the civil liberties committee, is chaired by British Labour MEP Claude Moraes. Britain’s Labour Party has told constituents it is unreservedly in favour of the gun ban and will vote for it.

Although the majority of MEPs at the EU parliament’s first hearing about the gun ban plan strongly opposed it, the EU is designed to override democratic wishes in favour of the unelected EU Commission’s plans. With key responsibility for a far-reaching diktat placed in the hands of one woman from a nation whose leader is firmly in favour of it, the pendulum is swinging towards the EU gun-grabbers.

European shooting campaign group Firearms United has written a comprehensive overview of how a handful of EU elites alternately forged and ignored evidence as they tried to foist their private plan for an EU-wide gun ban (links to PDF – a long read but a good one) across the free nations of the continent.

12 thoughts on “British politician handed control of #EUgunban lawmaking process

  1. Nick B

    They just won’t let it rest will they, I’m done voting for either Liebour or the Tories – politics doesn’t work anymore, it’s an entirely self serving machine now full of nepotism, cronyism and downright criminality.

    Let’s all push for section 5 authority and see what happens 😉


    1. Matt

      They won’t grant a section 5 for self defense, only humane dispatch and stuff like that, infact the firearms laws only appear to cover sporting/vermin usage, whether this has been intentionally deceptive on the gov part is another issue entirely but the outcome of the metric martyrs case(google it, not hard to find) was that statute law could not overwrite constitutional rights unless they were specifically worded to do so. I wouldn’t like to be the first one to try it as a defense in court for having a g3 in your cupboard only for self defense and not covered by the sporting/vermin taxes on firearms use.


  2. Stuart

    MPs no matter what party are all the same , only out for themselves and not the public who vote them in , giving themselves a pat on the back as they go.

    Shooting will always be looked at badly in the UK , by the press and some of the public and of course the government ,as an FAC holder we have to jump skip and go through our life history being examined , to be granted a license , will a total ban do anything no of course not , illegal guns are and will always be available to the law breakers in any country.

    To any government wake up smell the coffee and punish the guilty and not the innocent who enjoy an exciting sport.


    1. Robert hallwood

      I fully agree with you. The reason the government want to disarm the public is not to protect the public, but rather because they fear an armed public. Why exactly is beyond me. We elect them to look after our interests, they do it, so why would they fear us? Perhaps because they know they didn’t represent us after all.
      I enjoy my sport, I enjoy my hobby and I abore violence. I have to make sure I’m squeaky clean to do so. It’s nice to know if trouble came through my door that I might stand a chance of defending myself when we only have two police officers to defend my town of 96000, but other than that, I’m only a threat to the bunnies, fox and deer I dispatch. Sadly the man I helped to elect prefers to see me as a terrorist in waiting.
      When trouble comes to our country, and according to the police it is expected, they don’t want us to be able to defend our families. They would rather we fell victim to the terrorist and the criminal gangs who will quickly take over our towns, who of course will be fully armed with the firearms they obtained through less lawfull means and they certainly won’t be the .22 “toys” we are about to be relieved of. On that day the government will then ask us to stand up and defend them. With words of course as that’s all we will have.


  3. Colin Jenkins

    During the initial committee meeting Vicky Ford also raised her concerns with the commission about the poorly worded proposal and had particular disdain for the term “resemble”.

    She has a very positive to interview on her Facebook page in which she clearly states this should Be about illegal weapons getting to criminals and terrorists, not about penalising legal sportspeople, museums and collectors through unintended consequences, She has already meet with a Slovakian colleague to discuss deactivation standards and I am cautiously hopeful that she will do a proper job, not just toe the party line.

    There are lots of very positive comments and information/facts being provided to her via her Facebook page and she is receptive to them, so please take the time to show her some Support and point her in the correct direction of travel and of course please don’t go there just to leave nasty jibes as these comments do the wider shooting community no favours at all – we need her on side!

    Another MEP on the committee and worthy of a mention is Daniel Dalton, who also took a stand I t he original hearing regarding the stupidity of the proposals surrounding deactivated firearms – share some love people – if a politician helps our cause, let them know it’s appreciated, or if they have the power to hinder it, let them have the correct facts and figures, not just the cherry-picked nasties from the Anti-gun EC


  4. Johnny Reb

    It is truly saddening when I see the firearm policies of Great Britain and the EU. To be honest shooting sports are truly great and exciting but firearms level the playing field, somewhat, when it comes to a tyrannical government. I will assume that most British did not study their own history much. You all have forgotten how tyrannical your governing bodies have been throughout history. Either seizing swords, chopping off archer’s fingers and now gun laws…..I truly feel for you all. May God Bless you!


    1. Matt

      Actually our gun laws are lighter than yours, convicted felons can own firearms here legally as long as served less than 3 years in prison where as in the US they can’t. no mag limits here unlike some US states and we’re allowed pistol grips, unlike some US states. Won’t be long they’ll be after yours. it’s the UN pushing it all through our elected leaders are just lapping it up because it means no chance of an overthrow regardless of what they might be doing that requires one.


  5. Brendan

    This is gone from bad to worse
    Who or what the in the name of God is behind this new world wide drive to make the human race defenseless. Defenseless against terrorists, thief’s and all else that seeks to eradicate, mug and maim them. That’s only the start of it . On the sports side of it we lose everything. This has to be resisted tooth and nail freedom is so closely tied to this it isn’t funny at all.


  6. Cameron

    The Prime Minister speech to the EU parliament stated a ban on FULL BORE ASSAULT RIFLES, these of course have not been legal in the U.K. Since the Tragic events at Hungerford in 1987,and we in the U.K (With the most Draconian Firearms Legislation in the world) of course are only allowed .22 Rim-fire semi Auto rifles, for all our Gallery Rifle and Sport shooting,as its all we have left to shoot as the Government also took our Full bore Pistols following again the Tragic events at Dunblane, and then a year later our .22 pistols,all of which were knee jerk reactions to win votes, in an upcoming election at that time..

    The EU Policy makers have gone for All Assault Rifles and to Look alike s but have been non specif about Caliber,which infers it will include our gallery .22 Rim-fire rifles in Semi Auto, the wording of this document is so evasive, it could well included semi auto shotguns, and straight pull riffles that resemble Assault Rifles, (But of course under British law are deemed Bolt Action Rifles) at the moment,??

    Where does it stop ?? are they going to say that a Ruger 10/22 in .22 is a miniature copy of a Ruger Mini 14 in .223, which is a copy of the M14, in 7.62mm ?? and therefore is a copy of an Assault Rifle ?? and therefore falls within this totally unnecessary piece of legislation,that will only effect Law abiding EU Citizens, and not the terrorists,

    A lot of questions need to be asked, to define what exactly is being called an Assault Rifle,
    an AK47 in 7.62 short or a Walther copy of a M4 in .22 Rim-fire ?? you will I doubt see many Terrorists or Bank Robbers with .22 Rim-fire semi Auto Rifles,
    Lets give Vicky Ford a chance to do her job, and get a defined definition of exactly what they deem to be an Assault Rifle,I do not trust Politicians but lets at least see, what exactly is, and is not being suggested,and then direct our energies where it will effect British Citizens Law-full Firearm ownership.

    If this proposed legislation goes through as its currently worded, the compensation to the Firearms industry,the lawful Firearm Owner within the E.U ,the Gun trade,will be hundreds of Billions of Euros which each individual country within the EU will have to find,at a time when money is scarce,they cannot take lawfully held property without compensation.
    I have no wish to see this Ineffectual Piece of Knee Jerk law come into place, nor would I wish to stay in the EU and would leave tomorrow,but lets get some more facts, some definitions, and fight this using the Petition,our Shooting Organizations, and if needs be the courts,as it seems that the proposer of this has not abided by the rules of the EU in the way that this has all been proposed.

    I lost 2 Full bore Semi Auto Rifles in 1987, 9 pistols in 1996, and has the murder rate come down, in the U.K. NO, despite draconian laws,we will never get these back, let us hope that some M.E.P.s and M.Ps see the the hidden agenda re private possession of lawfully held firearms, and se the damage this is going to do and the cost, and do the right thing..


  7. Stan Hammond

    Firearms / Shotgun and Airifle Owners here is your chance to make a significant difference..This time your vote will really count. Together we can help take the UK out of the EEC and away from absolutely impractical, expensive and even more restrictive gun controls than those already imposed upon poor British Shooters.. Just look at some of the gems that have been promulgated by uninformed anti gun bureaucrats ..not MEP’s themselves … A ban on all military looking firearms…aah perhaps they really do believe looks can kill…Don’t they realise a firearm is a firearm irrespective of appearance..It’s not the look that kills, it’s the bullet that does the damage and they all look the same. All certificate holders to undergo a medical…It’s a persons mental state that counts not their physical condition… Is a boil on my bottom likely to cause pistol packing paranoia ????. All semi – automatic firearms to be banned irrespective of calibre. In the UK this rule already applies to all larger calibre guns which are now restricted to bolt or straight pull, single shot actions. Only the relatively low risk, small 0.22 calibres are allowed and since these are used mainly for club target competitions, a ban would further restrict a perfectly peaceful and pleasurable pastime.
    Mr Cameron want’s us to stay in, the Scottish politicians want us to stay in, the majority of Labour MP’s want us to stay in, but ALL OF THEM support the new proposals which will be forced through despite the objections of many member countries…What can we do….Sign a petition requesting Mr Cameron to withdraw his support for these further impositions upon the rights of the individual and advising him that if he does not publicly show his opposition as he has for many other aspects of the EU, that we will all vote in favour of withdrawal. If the 140,000 + Firearms Certificate Holders and 560,000 + Shotgun Certificate Holders plus anyone who has an airgun, because these will be the next items to be legislated against, all vote to leave the EU we have a good chance of making a very significant difference to the vote and if successful, rid ourselves of this biased bureaucracy.. Come on shooters, now is the time you can really make a difference.


  8. Robert Hallwood

    It’s not a case of saying “come on Mr Cameron, if you leave us alone then we will vote to stay, or at least not vote to leave” or prime minister is the one pushing for the total ban. Our prime minister is the current Tony Blair, plumping up his cushion for his seat in the EU Parliament once he has slot us out to Europe. I no longer believe he has our, the British publics, interest at heart. It isn’t just the proposed semi ban that has for the moment gone quiet, but a whole pile of anti Britain legislation that has been put on the back burner till after the referendum. Once that has gone through then all the rest of the unpopular legislations are ready to be pushed through. We really must vote out and just hope Mr Cameron resigns once the wind has been nocked out of his sails, and then hope his replacement isn’t as anti gun as he is. That one remains to be seen.



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