Tony Martin arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal firearm

Police have raided the home of controversial farmer Tony Martin on suspicion he may have had an unlicensed firearm, according to various media sources.

A news agency story published on the Telegraph this afternoon states that the 71-yr-old was arrested in Wisbech as part of a “planned operation”.

Cambridgeshire Police refused to explain any details about the raid when questioned despite making a proactive statement to alert the media to their actions – including a refusal to confirm they had found any firearms.

Martin remains in police custody at the time of writing, following his latest arrest. It is possible he could spend the rest of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in a police cell.

In 1999 Martin shot two Irish travellers who burgled his remote farm, fatally wounding 16-yr-old Fred Barras. He has since remained an outspoken advocate of the right to armed self-defence of one’s home and property. Despite this, the pump-action shotgun he killed Barras with was unlicensed.

The farmer was found guilty of murdering Barras in 2000, though his conviction was later reduced to manslaughter and his life sentence substituted for 5 years in prison following a public outcry.

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