TV tonight: The Kyle Files features gun crime – and maybe Bisley

The Met Police is promoting tonight’s episode of Jeremy Kyle’s programme The Kyle Files, which focuses on gun crime – and it may show Bisley Camp as well.

Several shooters spotted Kyle at Bisley during last summer’s Imperial Meeting, where he was said to have been filming. He also visited Wiltshire Police during a gun surrender campaign last year.

UK Shooting News does not know for sure whether tonight’s episode will feature any footage shot at Bisley. But it will feature employees from anti-shooting agency NABIS, a police forensics laboratory which has evolved into a lobbying organisation that campaigns for changes in firearms law.

A recent “victory” trumpeted by NABIS was a relatively recent change in the law to make it clear that firearms offences can be committed by those in possession of antique firearms. Ideas floated by the Law Commission in its initial consultation paper for its recent firearms law proposals suggest to UKSN’s author that NABIS was lobbying hard for a backdoor method of making all antique firearms licensable.

That proposal was discounted, meaning – this time – the publicly-funded lobbyists failed.

Police place a high value on securing compliant media coverage of their PR initiatives. Chief Constable Andy Marsh, Britain’s top firearms licensing cop, is on record as trying to get Channel 4 interested in a documentary intended to help stigmatise the licensed firearms community. Mercifully the independent broadcaster showed no interest in his plan.

The Kyle Files will be broadcast at 7.30pm tonight on ITV and lasts for 30 minutes.

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