Swedish policeman criticises #EUgunban proposals

7 Jan 2016 – A Swedish police inspector has taken to his country’s press to criticise the EU’s semi-automatic firearm ban proposals.

Detective Inspector Christer Back, writing in news magazine Dagens Samhälle, said the EU gun ban plan “is based on coarse misconceptions and ignorance” and that there is “no need for the measures now being proposed.”

“Some hunting weapon types would be banned and several sports would get put down, including the dynamic sports shooting,” he added. The full article can be read in English via Google Translate.

Dagens Samhälle, or ‘Today’s Society’, calls itself “the magazine for decision makers in the public market” – or, in everyday English, the public sector.

As the year 2016 is only a week old, no progress has yet been made on the EU gun ban plan. The European Union is due to hold further meetings about it later this month.

British politician Vicky Ford MEP is in charge of the EU committee scrutinising the gun ban proposal, which bodes ill for freedom. Britain is the EU member country pushing hardest for the ban and failed to register any written objections to it before the end of 2015.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced in December that he supported the proposal to ban semi-automatic firearms from civilian ownership.

3 thoughts on “Swedish policeman criticises #EUgunban proposals

  1. Robert Sandison

    Meanwhile Mr Cameron not so long ago was dishing out fully auto weapons to rebels in Libya .I do hope every rebel was fully investigated to make sure they were a fit and proper person to receive such powerful and deadly weapon .


  2. Steven Wolf

    Vicky Ford actually made good points in the last EU meeting about this asking about definition of resembles a military weapon and other question. She also said it is important not to negatively affect law abiding shooters, so her in charge of the proposal is not as bad for gun rights as you make them out to be. Of course that is not to say that she won’t change her mind in the future though.


  3. Patrik Persson

    There is nothing in the comissions new proposal that affect criminals and their access to illegal firearms.
    Criminals don’t want legal weapons. They risk more trying to steal legal firearms than they do buying illegal firearms that have been smuggled in to the EU and each country.



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