British minister: #EUgunban IS about banning semi-autos

21 Jan 2016 – A British government minister accidentally let slip that the EU gun ban plan is about imposing a UK-style ban on the free countries of Europe.

Mike Penning MP, a junior Home Office minister, made the slip-up in a written Parliamentary response on 19th January.

In response to a question from Jim Shannon MP (who is under investigation for alleged expenses irregularities), Penning wrote: “Discussion on the EU Firearms Directive (which sets tighter controls on owning and trading firearms) which would prohibit the private ownership of high-powered semi automatic weapons, is underway.”

In the British context, “high powered” generally means any semi-auto other than one chambered in .22″. Fullbore semi-autos were banned in the UK in 1988 after a man known to police went on a murderous rampage with a legally owned firearm.

This official confirmation from the British government that the EU’s plan to ban peacefully held firearms will strengthen the resolve of free countries not to be subjected to the British jackboot.

UK Shooting News will be catching up with news from the EU later this week and next week.

8 thoughts on “British minister: #EUgunban IS about banning semi-autos

  1. Nick B

    It’s almost tempting to push to stay in the EU- with pie in the sky ideas of pushing the EU to unfiy firearms law across the member states (such that it’s not devolved at all) and force handguns and full bore semi’s back into S1 territory………..big fat two’s up to the spineless, moronic bureaucrats we’re stuck with – gaarrggghhhhhhh


  2. Steven Wolf

    I think maybe the minister is misinformed. This is exactly what the prime minister said, but as the proposal currently stands, guns like the Ruger Mini 14 will not be affected, neither will the number of hunting semi autos in 308 and other calibres, that due to their “PC look” and wooden stock will not be banned. I am afraid both this minister and the PM haven’t even bothered to actually read what the proposal said.


  3. Colin

    I beg to differ regarding the mini 14…

    The proposal wishes to ban semi-auto firearms which resemble arms with automatic mechanisms .

    The mini 14 is made in full auto, therefore as written it too would be banned.


  4. Steven Wolf

    However one can argue that it can be fitted with a more traditional wooden stock and therefore making it not look like an “automatic rifle” therefore it would be safe. As you say and as other have said it you could be correct since the way that the proposal is at the minute it is very vague on what would and what wouldn’t be banned.


  5. cameron

    The EU Proposal is for semi auto Firearms and assault rifles, and clones of or looking like auto firearms, due to this very bad wording it could encompass anything, as it is lacking also in caliber in its wording, in its current wording, a Ruger 10/22 is a .22 clone of a Ruger Mini 14 in .223, which in turn is a clone of an M14 rifle in 7.62mm,
    A Spikes ST22 is a .22 copy of an M4 in .223, where will this lunacy stop, our current Government will do nothing to help legitimate shooters,in this country.
    A lot of .22 semi auto shooters in the U.K. are being very naive to think that they will not be effected by this draconian EU proposal, fight this or there will be nothing left to shoot.



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