Home Office medical data group meets again

29 Jan 2016 – The secret Home Office working group charged with exploiting shooters’ medical data to help find reasons to deny the issuing of FACs and SGCs has met again, it has emerged.

The group’s existence was disclosed by former MP Lynne Featherstone in January last year, and then highlighted by UK Shooting News. The latest meeting was revealed by BASC in a press release concentrating on the EU gun ban.

UKSN’s author has previously written about the police’s totally unaccountable trade in shooters’ medical data, including how the police use the medical data disclaimer on FAC and SGC forms in the hope of side-stepping laws passed to regulate the trade in medical data, despite MPs heavily criticising an insurance company which did exactly the same thing.

Of greatest concern is that untrained laymen in police forces are making decisions to revoke certificates – an action that can, and does, result in an armed police raid on otherwise innocent people – based on medical data which they are not trained, qualified or competent to understand. With police forces refusing to disclose any information at all about their trade in, or use of, sensitive and highly personal medical data in firearms licensing, the urgent need for public scrutiny and accountability is clear.

The fact that the Home Office has repeatedly refused to disclose any details at all about the medical data working group, when asked, should make every shooter write to his/her MP demanding that information about it should urgently be placed in the public domain. Bureaucrats clearly have something to hide here.

The assumption that every shooter must be mentally ill unless he proves himself innocent by allowing untrained amateurs to poke and pry through the most personal details of his life is degrading and insulting – and must be overthrown.

1 thought on “Home Office medical data group meets again

  1. Steven Wolf

    I think everyone should write to their MPs about this working group, maybe we can get some exposure to what is planned against law abiding shooters and by exposing their plans we can scrutinize them and stop them.



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