The EU should ban guns just like Britain has, says MP

1 Feb 2016 – The Leader of the House of Commons last week bungled a major chance to reassure the licensed firearms community that the government would defend their interests at the EU.

On Thursday DUP MP Jim Shannon, who is pro-shooting, told Parliament that “the most law-abiding section of the community are those who hold firearms” and asked whether Chris Grayling MP, the government-appointed Leader of the House, would hold a debate about the upcoming EU gun ban.

Grayling replied: “We have in this country firearms laws that maintain the right balance and are appropriate for the needs of a modern society.”

Damningly, the Tory MP added: “The best way that the rest of Europe could deal with the matter would be to adopt the same approach as the United Kingdom has taken.”

That approach was the knee-jerk ban of self-loading rifles in 1988 and on pistols of almost all types in 1997. Experts agree that neither ban helped reduce gun crime.

UK MEP Vicky Ford is the EU’s rapporteur in charge of the proposed gun ban. Like Grayling, she is also a Conservative.

2 thoughts on “The EU should ban guns just like Britain has, says MP

  1. cameron

    This should not surprise any U.K. Shooter, our Government have for many years either confiscated, our sporting firearms, (Semi autos Full bores in 1987), and (Pistols in 1997),by knee jerk reaction legislation, following tragic events, that had nothing to do with law abiding shooters,, but they blamed lawful shooters as an easy target, rather than addressing the real issue,and there incompetence,
    We are becoming an endangered species, as many have said, “I LOVE MY COUNTRY BUT FEAR MY GOVERNMENT”



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