Country sports bodies put up united front at EU roundtable

2 Feb 2016 – BASC and the Countryside Alliance both put up a united front against the EU gun ban plan at a meeting last week between shooting stakeholders and Vicky Ford MEP, who is in charge of the bloc’s plans.

Philip Bowern of the Western Morning News has a full writeup of both organisations’ comments over at the newspaper’s website.

A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: “We believe the current set of proposals will have a serious effect on sporting and target shooting, collectors, museums, re-enactors and the gun trade, resulting in heavy restrictions and a great deal more work for the already overburdened police force.

“In fact it appears that the only group that will not be affected by these proposals is terrorists.”

With today’s announcement that David Cameron’s promised EU deal has been watered down by the European superstate, many UK shooters will be increasingly aware that the easiest way to stop the EU gun ban from affecting Britain will be to vote Leave in the upcoming EU referendum.

4 thoughts on “Country sports bodies put up united front at EU roundtable

    1. Ian

      This does not appear to be an official EU Commission definition. As far as I can determine, there is no EU clarification on Cat B7. This looks like the old 1998 US Assault Weapons definition.



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