Vicky Ford MEP: British gun storage rules will be imposed across EU

4 Feb 2016 – The EU’s “rapporteur” for the upcoming gun ban plan, Vicky Ford MEP, has said that she intends to impose British storage and security rules across the whole of the 27-nation bloc.

In a video published on her Facebook page Ford appeared to support measures to make sales of deactivated firearms traceable – possibly suggesting a licensing and/or registration system.

However, she also spoke about protecting sporting shooters, hunters and renactors, amongst others, from “unintended consequences” as well as military reservists.

In a worrying development for free countries where armed self defence has not been outlawed, Ford said the UK’s “very, very strict rules” should be enforced as “minimum standards across Europe”. Britain’s storage rules (which are not statute law; they are written, enforced and prosecuted by police alone) state that gun cabinets should be built to a government-approved standard, bolted into a hidden location within the home (i.e. within a built-in wardrobe) and the location of the keys to the cabinet must not be known to anyone else: even the gun owner’s spouse. A large number of impossibly dense technical offences are created through these police-made laws.

“What happens now is that the [EU] parliament gets to look at amendments… I’ve come up with a list of issues and we’ll table amendments on each of those,” said Ford.

Ford confirmed that the EU is planning to publish its first revised draft of the gun ban in March, with the end of June being the bloc’s target date to vote in favour of it.

“There’s a parallel process happening between our Home Secretary and her 27 equivalents, where they’re also looking at the proposals and coming up with changes,” said Ford.

“We’re talking to stakeholders, listening to your concerns. Please do come up with changes, if you can come together with a collective organisation that’s helpful.”

The June date would coincide with Britain’s referendum on EU membership. Rumours in Britain suggest that Prime Minister David Cameron, who strongly supports the EU’s gun ban plan, is planning to hold the referendum on 23 June.

4 thoughts on “Vicky Ford MEP: British gun storage rules will be imposed across EU

  1. Mr.Smith

    The law of having your firearms locked up like the UK will not go down with the people I see in France, propped up behind the door. Not know if that is the legal status at the moment? But it is what I see.


  2. Johan J

    Since every other news report on UK is bitching about leaving EU, you can keep your laws to your self.
    The Rest Of EU


  3. Jan Tittelbach

    This is my life and I have the right to protect it. When crowds of aggressive muggers and robbers come to my house to rape my wife, my daughter and take all our valuables, the police will not be in place. I am responsible to protect my family. I will do that. At least, I want to have the possibility to do so.. It is none of anybody´s business what I have at home, how many firearms I keep in my closet and if they are loaded or not. It is behind my door. In my house. If you treat your people like sheep in Britain and they take that, well, it is their problem, but do not impose your slavery flavored “laws and regulations” where people are free and have the guts to be responsible for their own lives. Shame on Mr.Cameron for his gun banning plans!



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