#EUgunban: EU body issues pro-ban report based on ‘fabricated’ data

11 Feb 2016 – Campaign group Firearms United has warned that the European Union’s Economic and Social Committee (ESC), which favours an EU-wide semi-automatic gun ban, is relying on ‘fabricated’ statistics to make its case.

Anonymous sources from within the EU tipped off Firearms United to the ESC’s latest opinion. It was written in late January and was due to be discussed in private by EU apparatchiki earlier this month.

“Needless to say, the document is overtly in favor of the European Commission’s gun ban proposal, and turns totalitarian in its praise of the British and Australian-style gun bans and in-famous forced buyback operations,” said all4shooters writer Pierangelo Tendas.

Tendas warned that the document relied on made-up figures, as conclusively demonstrated by Firearms United researcher Katja Triebel.

Among the many false and fabricated data quoted to be found on the EESC document, an UNODC data elaboration would seem to suggest that “Legally-obtained firearms have been used in 63.000 murders in the past 10 years” all around the European Union − but this couldn’t be further from the truth. UNODC itself states clearly that the last 10 years saw 66.000 murders overall in the 28 EU-member Countries, only 15% of which had been committed with a firearm, regardless of its legal status.

UNDOC is the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

It will be no surprise that the EU is openly lying to the public and its own supporters in its attempts to get the gun ban into law. With nations including Britain and France fighting the free countries of Europe, it seems likely at this stage that the ban will succeed.

A British MEP, Vicky Ford, is in overall charge of ensuring the gun ban plan is passed into law. In her last public comments on the bill she said she wanted to impose British gun storage laws across the whole 28-state political bloc.

Britain has become an international example for people who want to restrict and remove the freedoms of others. The gun ban is understood to be very strongly supported by senior British politicians and civil servants, with only the UK Independence Party’s MEPs promising to oppose it.

2 thoughts on “#EUgunban: EU body issues pro-ban report based on ‘fabricated’ data

  1. Nick julian

    There is no correlation between legally held firearms and illegal use/possession of firearms so maybe time and money may be better spent concentrating of criminal use of firearms and leave lawful owners alone!



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