NRA cuts weekend 200yds range space to one per month

19 Feb 2016 – The NRA has announced it will reduce the amount of 200yds range space available at Bisley on weekends – while more than doubling 100yds provision on Short Siberia.

Announced on the NRA’s Facebook page, recent range improvements on Short Siberia have extended the 100yds firing point to 27 lanes. The quid pro quo is that the 200yds firing point will no longer be used, except for one weekend per month.

The change is because of increased demand for short range space, particularly in the warmer months of the year.

The NRA renovated the Short Siberia 200yds firing point in December, erecting a fence around its edges, building a new path onto the mound and replacing the gravel firing point with wood bark.

As the NRA no longer offers weekend range bookings on Century at 200yds thanks to the electronic targets on Butt 19, it seems that 200yds shooting will become a rarity just like 400yds.

The association is keen to point out that people wanting to shoot 200yds are welcome to book space on Century during the working week. Short Siberia is reserved for commercial bookings between Tuesdays and Fridays.

It is not known how this will affect competitions such as the NRA 100, which is shot exclusively at 200yds, clubs with their own 200yds leagues, or teams training for NRA Civilian Service Rifle matches, which almost always include a 200yds detail. The vast majority of non-corporate users of Bisley Ranges are rifle clubs and NRA members shooting on weekends.

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