BASC tears into Kent PCC over silly gun licensing comments

22 Feb 2016 – Embattled Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes has been taken to task by BASC after she inadvertently revealed how inefficient and wasteful her force’s firearms licensing department is.

Barnes said last week that Kent “subsidises” firearms licensing by more than £300,000 a year and claimed this money could be spent putting eight constables on the beat.

BASC’s response to Barnes was an absolute corker, opening with: “Kent is proportionately one of the worst performing licencing teams according to BASC figures.”

“There are up to 27,000 certificate holders in Kent who pay a fee set in 2015 on the basis of full-cost recovery under ecommerce, an efficiency measure which Kent police have yet to implement,” continued the association.

The full response, in all its glory, can read on the BASC website.

1 thought on “BASC tears into Kent PCC over silly gun licensing comments

  1. commonly called cosmin

    Yes Kent is a joke and I sent Ann Barnes a complaint to her comments on her website trying to blame gun owners for the failings of her department. If Firearms Certification is so important for public safety as the government keeps saying then why are FEOs getting cut down?



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