EU press release: Gun ban plan discussion ‘impacts on law abiding citizens’

23 Feb 2016 – An EU press release published today shows a remarkable about-turn on the EU gun ban plan, possibly suggesting that public opinion is having an impact on Eurocrats’ proposals.

The opening paragraphs of the press release read:

Concerns about the impact that a revised EU firearms directive could have on legal owners of guns in the EU, such as sport shooters, hunters, collectors and museums, were voiced by most MEPs in Internal Market Committee’s kick-off debate on the proposal on Tuesday. The draft revision was proposed by the EU Commission after the 13 November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris.

MEPs said that the changes they will table to the Commission’s text will aim to make it clearer and to ensure that the revision is proportionate. While some MEPs pointed out that terrorists do not usually acquire weapons via legal channels, many recognised that an update could usefully close loopholes in the current firearms directive.

For Internal Market Committee chair Vicky Ford (ECR, UK), who will steer the legislation through Parliament, the Commission’s proposal “is poorly drafted” and “needs a lot of work”. She regretted the lack of an impact assessment and cited concerns expressed to MEPs by legal owners. “The Commission is no longer in the driver’s seat of this proposal”, she said, stressing that Members of the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers will now co-decide on the draft law.

The full thing can be read on the EU website.

2 thoughts on “EU press release: Gun ban plan discussion ‘impacts on law abiding citizens’

  1. Paul

    Maybe they have finally realised that pi**ing off three quarters of a million voters just before the Brexit referendum was very poor timing. But for sure as eggs is eggs, the bureaucrats will be back to their old tricks just as soon as they can – probably right after a ‘remain’ vote is the deemed the outcome. The EU elite constantly show their distain for democracy, so the views of a few ‘Brits’ will probably be brushed aside as irrelevant to the greater plan. So that ‘remain’ vote might take more than one attempt, just like the Irish Lisbon Treaty vote before it.


  2. Meat and Two Veg

    It is well worth taking the time to read through the series of options that are required to be selected from and are shown in the “working document”. This reveals that in reality many of the original proposals though having been somewhat “tweaked” and re-worded still have the effect of prohibiting currently legally owned firearms and shotguns as a consequence of appearance and mechanism. Not only content to accept (in spirit at least) the original proposals which were accepted without any type of impact assessment it also seems that these new proposals will have no budgetary impact on the EU whatsoever; that is according to the published document .
    At the risk of being thought somewhat simplistic in my thinking I, for one, fail to see how any of the proposed measures cannot be implemented, monitored and updated at a frequency which will be effective. Could it be that there is no intention to compensate the owners of firearms, shotguns, Deacts or antiques?



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