Before it happened: BBC on ‘UK gun owners’

Update 2: 23 Feb 2016 – Being broadcast later this morning is the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show. It includes a segment about shooting made by one Benjamin Zand and featuring popular YouTube personality EnglishShooting.

(update: it wasn’t that bad in the end, though the written article was still dodgy. Here’s why)

This was trailered with a very strangely worded BBC Magazine website article and the editorial thrust is clear from this trailer. Click to play:


Victoria Derbyshire’s show runs from 0915 until 1100. UKSN does not know precisely when the full shooting segment will air.

UKSN’s author was approached to feature in this package but the producers felt that my fairly moderate, middle-of-the-road views on gun law (the vetting works well but the overall certification system is far too complex and niggly, and endangers the public because neither we nor the police really understand the law – and the ‘law’ as quoted verbally by police is frequently made-up or outright wrong) were apparently not interesting enough.

A blessing in disguise, given how ‘a programme about shooters and firearms ownership in the UK’, as Zand tried to sell it to me, has seamlessly morphed into ‘idiot gun owners want to make us more like America’.


Callum, otherwise known as EnglishShooting, has made a new video to address the editorial slant on Zand’s upcoming film. Callum said: “[The BBC segment] makes it sound like we want it to be easy to own a gun and to get your hands on a gun for the purposes of sport … that’s not it. Every shooter I know really supports the licensing process.”

3 thoughts on “Before it happened: BBC on ‘UK gun owners’

  1. Nick B

    It wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been, I think we shooters came across well, unfortunately you could see where Zand was trying to steer the conversation. Callum got some good points across too.

    I’d be interested to know how much didn’t make the final edit?


  2. Nick julian

    Not too bad some positive points made.
    I felt the presenter was focusing on handguns and was looking for more gun ho answers to his often leading questions.
    Presenter looked like he enjoyed hitting a clay but didn’t admit it!
    We have extremely robust licencing systems Inot place already but no reference was made to this.



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