#EUgunban rapporteur: ‘Please don’t threaten us MEPs’

24 Feb 2016 – Vicky Ford MEP, the EU Parliament’s ‘rapporteur’ for the EU gun ban plan, has asked the shooting community to send her positive plans for the EU gun ban draft instead of abuse.

Her plea, published as a press release, says: “Many people are worried about the consequences of what are clearly poorly drafted proposals that need a lot of work,” she said. “The absence of an impact assessment makes our work even harder.

“To those who are following this process I say we hear your concerns. We have all had lots of emails telling us what’s wrong, we now need suggestions on how we can make it better. Please don’t threaten us as Members of the Parliament, we are trying to help.”

The full item is available here: http://conservativeeurope.com/news/help-us-improve-eu-firearms-legislation-urges-conservative-mep#sthash.Fr0k1DiL.uxfs

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